6 Common House Pests and Their Property Damage

6 Common House Pests and Their Property Damage

There are three words that can best describe all kinds of pests – destructive, disgusting and annoying.

You’re just walking to the kitchen one day to get a cup of coffee like always. You pour in the hot water and coffee beans. It was a really good day.

…Until you suddenly saw a cockroach.

Your jaw drops as you gaze in horror.

“How did that hell bound creature get in my house?” you thought. Then you suddenly shriek in terror as the creepy crawly flew towards you.

6 Common House Pests and Their Property Damage

Well, woman or man, you wouldn’t want a pest in a house, now would you? Cockroaches are just one of the many reasons to call the Pest Control Frankston. Here are the other common pesky creatures and the reason to call the exterminators. 

  • Fleas- They can get in Fur or Hair Areas

No, no, no.

There is no chance that you should ever accept a flea into the family. Seriously, these insect can transfer the irritation they put on your pets and give it to you.

Normally, fleas thrive in the sun days especially in the summertime because their eggs are being hatched at that time. If you have them, it’s best to call the Pest Controlto do the job.

  • Silverfish – They Damage to Books, Wallpapers, Pantry Food and Clothing

There is nothing precious about this silver-colored insect. But there may be something “fishy” going on with this shiny insect.

What you thought was just another insect roaming around the house may be the property damaging silverfish. Though their range of attack is only limited to a few things, they can still cause major damage, especially to your clothing.

  • Wood Fungus – They Destroy the Wood

Really, once there are wood fungi in your house, have them exterminated as soon as possible. Just look at the grime on the floor as the wood fungi accumulates.

Even worse, some of these destroy the wood. They can destroy suddenly make the cabinet collapse on you if you don’t call the Pest Controlsoon enough. 

  • Rodents and Termites- They do general Damage

These two critters can make serious damage to your properties. Not just as a hyperbole, but they can destroy most of the things in the house. There have even been some reports that termites have been nibbling and destroying metal. The best way to kill them is not to do it yourself. Rodents may carry fatal diseases and may just lead to you ending up in the hospital. Call the Pest Controlto sweep all your troubles away.

  • Spiders – They Make the House Look Dirty

Actually, spiders are greatly beneficial to the house. They just hang around near the lights and cabinets, killing the troublesome other insects for you. However, when it comes to styling your home, spiders should be exterminated. The spiders’ webs make the house look filthy and old.

But you’re about to make a decision before calling the pest control. Will you kill the fly-catchers because of their dirty look? If the looks matter more for you, call the Pest Control.