Updating Your Home With A Brand New Garage Door

When you stand outside and look at your home, the garage door usually takes up much of the visual surface area from the curb. If your garage door is more than 15 or 20 years old, it’s time to think about a brand new installation. Even the most budget-friendly garage door adds significant value to the home, so take a look at some of the top features you must consider when shopping for that spectacular new look.
Updating Your Home With A Brand New Garage Door

 Style Tells a Story

Your garage door’s style must reflect the home’s decor, from modern to old-fashioned. In many cases, homeowners choose the standard roll-up door that comes in sections. These doors literally hide within the garage when rolled up into the ceiling. Other homeowners might look for the classic swing-out or carriage-style door. In fact, sliding garage doors are even possible for those modern homeowners looking for a unique look to their home. Ideally, a contractor should measure the garage door area to devise an accurate quote before installation. Some styles may not be possible for every structure.

Which Color and Material?

Your old and white garage door can be updated with a color of your choice. Today’s door styles are available in almost any color. In fact, most materials are paintable surfaces, so you can update the door’s appearance anytime in the future. The material choices are nearly endless too. Wood is a truly classic look that many upscale homes want to preserve. They might stain or even paint it a vivid color. For even more durability, steel or aluminum doors are available too. Plastic garage doors are also an option, but they’re relatively new to the home improvement market.

Because today’s garage door models can last for a decade or more, you need a contracting partner who keeps that installation in tip-top shape.

Updating Your Home With A Brand New Garage Door


Standout Features

A garage door doesn’t have to be a drab addition to the home because material manufacturers add several features to their models to stand out from the crowd. The most common feature on doors today is windows. The garage can have a horizontal line of windows along the door’s top edge while allowing light into the interior space. These windows provide light and privacy simultaneously. Windows can also be opaque for complete privacy within the home. Manufacturers may even add ultraviolet radiation protection to their doors in the form of translucent sealants. In most cases, homeowners should discuss their desired features with installers to decide on the best style for the home.

Keeping the Garage Warm

Unless you live in a region where it’s warm most of the year, residents usually want some insulation for their garage. Any garage door style can have insulation added to its backside. This layer keeps the home’s interior warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Although the garage may not be a living space, it’s used extensively by every family member. Sustaining comfortable temperatures inside the garage reduces overall energy use for the rest of the home, and it also encourages more activities in the garage. Start that new hobby or polish the car with an insulated door that works all year-round.

If you don’t have a trusted contractor servicing your current garage door, it’s time to research one right now. You want an experienced company that can offer several door styles with superior service afterward.