Best Films Of Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks is one of the best actors in Hollywood movies, he has a huge fan following all around the world for acting skills. His extensive career in the films as an actor and producer, he has proven himself with awesome acting skills at both experimental and stories based films. Throughout his career he had done so many different movies which include a wide range of acting scope packed contestant movies. Apart from the movies he also produced and acted in the tv shows which got a good rating from the audience. Tom Hanks received Kennedy Center Honors medallion in December 2014

Forrest Gump

This film is about a man who has lower I.Q than the normal persons, for entire his childhood life he hears “stupid is as stupid does”. Though he is not smart fellows he will have many enthusiastic moments in life. He will have some scary, crazy and some fun filled terrifying situations. His heart was filled with love for his friend Jenny.

The Green Mile

This film about the cynical veteran prison guard Paul Edgecomb, who on the duty with a Death row in the 1930. By watching the humans life and death, his attitude turn around, the attitude shows the difference in his faith, sanity and deterioration. John Coffey, a giant looking accused murderer enters into the cell, without night light, he fears to sleep in the night. The rest will be in the film.

Catch me If You Can

It is based on a true story, who successfully earned millions of dollars by cheating in a legal way. He has skills to steal the money from the banks in a unique way, An FBI agent hunts him down and surprised by his skills in earning the money in non catchable way.

Apollo 13

The entire movie runs around the third lunar-landing machine. The film capture the feelings of the astronauts when they will be in the space, all the excitement was packed into this beautiful film. The story runs around the launch and space travelling of the astronauts. After few hours spending on the space, they will face a serious trouble in the space, they try to resolve it to return back to the home.

Cast Away

Chuck Noland, a FedEx systems engineer who lands on a remote island by the plane crash, where he was alone. He finds no way to reach back to the his normal life, soon he realizes that he has very few chances to live on that island and has very few resources to fill up his stomach. Spending four years on that remote island, he learns to how to survive on the island and continues to try different ideas with the hope to reach his home back.