Monica Bellucci Best Movies

Monica Bellucci is a popular actress from Italy background, played many roles in Hollywood movies and Italian movies. She was becoming popular after acting in movies like The Matrix series, Passion of the Christ and etc. Basically, she was into modeling in her ages and later joined into films, nominated for several awards for her best performances in different movies. She played a Bond girl in latest bond movies in 2015, she was the only oldest bond girl in the entire bond series movies. In her earlier career she was nominated for the for the best supporting role in the movie “The Apartment”, as she gave a tremendous performance as supporting characters. Later on she acted in many best movies and gained so many fans worldwide. Now lets see a few good films from movie career.

The Apartment

Max lives in Paris and he’s onto the Tokyo. He usually likes flirt the girls, but he decided to get marry. By an opportunity, he finds the Lisa and finds her most greatest love of him, in a café. He falls in love with her and forgets everything about the surroundings, his trip to Tokyo and his fiancé. He follows Lisa to find out where she lives, there he meets another girl. After meeting this another girl there is a twist in his story.

Tears of the Sun

It is about the story, how special-ops team struggles to choose between the listening their official order and choosing the humanity to save the people. The special-ops team was lead by the commander AK waters, in a search operation into the Nigerian jungle for a doctor. But when they find him, he refuses to join them until they agreed to rescue another 70 refugees.

The Matrix Reloaded

This movie about the second adventure of the Leo and rebel leaders. They came to know that they have only few hours left to zion fall under the attack of the machine army. The sentinels programmed about numbered 250,000 are on their way to destroy the last human enclave on the earth and just a few hours time left. But the people trust the their elder Morpheus conviction about the oracle’s prophecy in which one hero will come and ends the war.

The Passion of the Christ

In this movie monia performed as Mary Magdalene, who followed Jesus Christ until his death on the cross. She portrayed the role with deep involvement in the character which revealed her best performance. She fulfilled that role absolutely with her most realistic expression which was applauded by the audiences every time they watched.