Travelling in Kiev

It should be really exciting to have a trip through the Ukrainian capital of Kiev. With some online researches, we should be able to find information about night clubs, restaurants and best sights in the city. We could also plan where to go, what to see and where to stay. We should also remember bringing camera to take beautiful pictures of Kiev parks, Khreschatik Street and golden domes. It is important to know what we should wear, based in the current weather forecast. If we are prepared well enough, we should be able to travel in a city filled with many monuments, ancient brick streets and smiling people. When staying in Kiev, we can choose hotel accommodation or apartment. Hotels in Kiev should provide proper level of comfort.

A single room in the city could cost us about $100 per night, while a one-room apartment, could be cheaper at around $50 per night. After finding our hotel, we can visit various landmarks of Kiev. The Golden Gate of Kiev is an old and ancient gate of the city. However, due to centuries of expansion, the gate is now located near the city center. It is a structure made of wood and stone with interesting golden dome above. St. Sofia Cathedral is one of the most beautiful structures in the city with its bell tower and huge chestnut trees. St. Michael Cathedral is relatively new with its large golden domes, ornaments and beautiful blue walls. St. Vladimir Cathedral is located in the center of the city and it is a place where various Orthodox religious ceremonies are held.

We may also consider visiting the Andrew Descent and St. Andrew Church. It is a popular place with many souvenir booths. We can also find museums and art galleries in the area. The Kiev Cave Monastery or Lavra is a very old ancient monastery and centuries ago, monks lives inside the caves. Nearby, we should be able to find the biggest bell tower in the city and a few smaller churches. The Ukrainian Art Musseum is a place where art connoisseurs are able to find pleasure examining the wonderful works of art. The Ballet Theater is a place where we can enjoy wonderful experience, listening to various classical music. We should also go to Pirogovo ethnic village and we should have the opportunity to see traditional household appliances and various old village houses.

The Kiev Botanic Garden is a beautiful place to visit in spring and summer. There are blossoming flowers and beautiful trees where we can sit around for hours. The Mariinsky Palace is a great place where various official government events regularly take place. We could see the panorama of Dnepr, with its green parks. The Independence Square is located directly in the center part of Kiev. Nearby, there’s an underground shopping center. In the main street, people can walk easily and it something that we can do during the afternoon. Especially enjoyable when it is dusk.