Travelers Guide: Amazing Places To Visit In Ireland

Ireland is undoubtedly a land richly endowed with natural beauty. Breathtaking cliffs, awesome valleys, heavenly beaches, spectacular landscapes, intriguing historical sites and monuments, parks and forests, name it. Ireland does not disappoint. Here is a little guide to help you make the most out of your visit in Ireland.

You will be spoilt for choice where to visit, happens a lot to visitors, but let these places feature in your itinerary:

The Cliffs of Moher.

A visit to Ireland without visiting the Cliffs of Moher would be an incomplete visit. It is one the most beautiful sights in the world, even recognized by UNESCO. The cliffs of Moher majestically stand 700ft (214m) high, the highest point being O’Brien’s Tower. And it stretches across 5 miles (8km) of land.

Situated in County Clare, it treats visitors to unforgettable experiences. It has an 800m pathway at the edge of the cliff that gives visitors a panoramic view of the spectacularly beautiful terrains as they walk by. Besides, it has bird watching center. You will be able to see many different species of birds.

The cliffs bordering the Atlantic Ocean guarantees surfers an exhilarating experience. Not to forget the several sports fishing grounds and a Visitors Center where you can get lots of information about the surrounding rocks, as well as exhibitions. This is for sure one destination with that gives a lifetime experience.

Ring of Kerry Route.

It is an amazing drive in a loop round Iveragh Peninsula. There is a lot to see and take shots of along the way. This journey across four Co Kerry towns gives you an unmatched scenery of the coastal terrains and the surrounding rural villages.

You can even choose to make it more interesting by cycling part of the journey. How about that. There are many bicycle renting stations along the way. The good thing with cycling is that it slows the journey helping you get the best out of the ring drive.

Caution: The roads tend to be narrow. Drive carefully and be ready to give way to the huge Galway tour buses.

Travelers Guide: Amazing Places To Visit In Ireland

Killarney National Park.

The County Kerry park presents a good terrain for visitors to walk, hike or cycle while enjoying the beautiful mother-nature. Apart from Torc Waterfall it has three lakes. Don’t miss Muckross House and Ross Castle. The woodland terrain spanning over a hundred square kilometers gives you value for you time.

Derryanne Beach.

When you travelling the Ring of Kerry it would do you good make a stop over here and experience first-hand natural beauty. The Derryanne is a large sandy beach situated near the Derryanne house, the ancestral home of the Irish iconic politician Daniel O’Connell.

The Dingle Peninsula.

This is another beautiful picturesque spot. The beautiful landscape charging towards the Atlantic! What a fantastic sight of the blue waters bouncing off the mountains.


It is a valley of wonders well known for the two lakes found in it. Its surrounding has some wild animals since it is located in a national park. This is another place you would want to sample. It is situated in County Wicklow.

Glens of Antrim.

Make sure you don’t fill up the storage space of your camera in other sights, you will need it a lot here.  The Glens of Antrim is a series of nine jaw-dropping valleys. Coupled with a waterfall and a forest park that crown the beauty, this is a place you want to be.

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