Travel Safely: Tips For Driving In The Rain

Rainy Days

Driving is not an easy task by itself, you have to be diligent and aware at all times, otherwise even a single second can mean catastrophe. When it comes to driving in the rain, things become a little bit more complicated because you will have to adjust driving to the weather, and sometimes, it is hard driving in the rain.

If the weather is awful, it is better to stay put and not to risk getting into an accident. Unless you are sure that you can see and that you can be seen on the road, it is better to not go anywhere until the rain passes.

Driving Slowly

Because of rain the roads will become slippery and very dangerous unless you account for the extra time you will need to brake. Make sure that you slow down appropriately; otherwise it will be very hard to stop in time.

Moreover, tend to stay in the middle of the road as water will pool to the sides, because of the slope of the road. And also stay clear of large trucks, as they will not only block your view, but they will also spray a lot of water behind them, making visibility extremely hard.

Brake with Ease

Travel Safely: Tips For Driving In The Rain
Unless it is absolutely necessary to brake, it is better to just take your foot off the accelerator and let your engine stop itself, this way you will not lose control and you will still be able to maintain a decent speed.

Check your Tyres

Checking your tyres regularly will reduce any chances of causing an accident. If you notice the tyres going bald and see any wrinkles or damage appearing, it is time to buy new tyres and have them replaced. Do not wait until the last moment as it will be too late then.

Headlights On

It is important to turn your headlights on, even in light rain. All it takes is just a second to run into someone you did not see because of rain. And at nights, use fog lights as well, it will make it easier for you to distinguish whether there are any dangerous puddles in front of you.

Fogged up Windows

In rain it is frequent that your windows will fog up, but it is easy to deal with it. With modern cars, just turn the AC on, and your heating too, and in no time, the fogginess will go away.

No more Skids

If you lose control and start skidding, first things first, remain calm. Ease your foot off the accelerator, and steer in the direction you want your car to go, and the back of your car will soon come back. However, if you do not have ABS, try to avoid braking as it will only steer your car into an undesired direction.

Remember to brake before going into a curve, even at low speeds, so that you avoid any accidental skids, and when exiting, slowly add enough gas that you can calmly continue.