Three Instances When a Request for a GMAT Waiver

gmat waiver letter

Your level of intelligence is not measured by a score you received on a test. This is the motivation for a lot of people applying for a gmat waiver letter. Nothing replaces real experiences and skill building. You can have so much knowledge and fail one test. If only we could apply this waiver letter to life. There are some specific instances where you can request a waiver from the GMAT test.

For years the GMAT test has been in an elite of its own and we measured who we are based on this test. If you want entrance into business school, you are probably dreading the test and the results. By the time you are ready to do your MBA, you have an unmeasurable level of experiences. This is why we now have the option to apply for a waiver letter. You cannot simply apply for a waiver based on your fears of writing this test. Here are three instances you can request a waiver for the GMAT test.

  1. Good undergraduate scores

If you excelled during your undergraduate years, you might have a shot at escaping the GMAT exam. You would need at least an 80%+ score to qualify. Make sure you keep all of your results and proof of your qualification. There is no reason for you to write another test to prove you do well in exams. This is enough proof that you do. When it comes to any official application, you need to have proof that is traceable. The committee is more likely to consider your pardon letter if you provide them with your undergraduate report card. The more backup you have to your story, the better your results will be. You just completed a host of exams and should not have to repeat the process.

  1. Job Experience

After your undergrad studies, you probably went to work. There is so much wealth in our day to day lives. Work experience counts for a lot and you can build up a lot of strong skills. If you had to write pardon letters for immigration there is a strong possibility that you would get it right. The same applies to do your MBA. This is especially relevant if you have been working in a managerial post. You could convince the committee that you do not need to submit your GMAT test results. A lot of professionals do this.

If you are working full-time, you probably do not have the time to work on this GMAT test. This can serve as a strong motivational point for a GMAT waiver. The idea behind having this waiver is to prove that you are not going to learn much from this one test. You need to convince the committee that you have gone over and above what the test has to offer. Mention some projects you have successfully completed. Go into detail here if you can. Talk about the project challenges and how you managed to come to a resolution.

  1. Financial challenges

There is a fee attached to the GMAT exam and a lot of students cannot afford this fee. You can write a motivational letter to exempt you from writing this test. Motivate your case strongly with a lot of backed up information. Talk about your story and why finances is a challenge at this point in your life. You might be taking care of the medical expenses of a family member. There could have been a catastrophic situation in your life that has forced you to write this waiver letter. You could very easily get approved for a waiver if you have the passion but not the funds to do the GMAT. Understand that a lot of MBA programs are lenient on this GMAT test. Find one that is not as strict as the others. If you have your heart set on a specific course, you just have to write a convincing letter.

Final thoughts on the GMAT Waiver

A lot of individuals do not know that they have the option of a GMAT waiver. You want to always know what your options are. This exam could be holding you back from going to business school. You have worked hard throughout your career and now you are faced with an expensive test. Some students also just ask for the GMAT waiver fee to be excluded. You need to determine what you want before you write your letter. If you cannot afford the test and you also have time constraints, mention it all. They might just waive the fee, but you would still be required to write the test. Knowing that there is a way around this test, gives you a lot more freedom of choice.