Things To Do And See In Benidorm: Much More Than Beach

Things to do and see in Benidorm

On this post, we would like to end the myth about Benidorm. For years, the bustling city of Benidorm has been considered a boring place where only seniors travel. It’s true that the large number of low-priced hotels in Benidorm make it an idyllic location for Excursions for Elderly, but Benidorm is also a hotspot for young travellers.

Although today Benidorm is famous for its skyscrapers, as well as the Iberian and Roman remains. Benidorm became a famous tourist town during the XIX century when the inauguration of “Spa of the Virgin of the Suffrage” took place. It was in the middle of the XX century when the government decides to invest in the city. The tourism boom contributed to the construction of Alicante’s Airport, which attracted foreign tourists looking for the sun, stunning beaches and delicious gastronomy.

Nowadays Benidorm is the city with more skyscrapers per inhabitant in the world, surpassing the Big Apple. Benidorm gives to its visitors all that they are looking for: beautiful beaches perfect for soak up the Mediterranean Sun, so if you are planning to spend your holidays in this beautiful location, check out the following advice.

Beaches in Benidorm

Though Benidorm counts with a beautiful cultural landmark, its greatest attraction is its beaches. In the city, you will find three beaches: Levante, Poniente, and Malpas.

Levante beach, located in the eastern area of the city, and its promenade can be considered the very heart of Benidorm. Along the promenade, visitors will find an extensive array of shops and pub, as well as hotels and condos. Levante Beach, the busiest in summer, is one of the best on the Valencian coast, with fine sand where you can perform all kinds of leisure activities.

Playa de Poniente is less crowded than the Levante beach and features powdery sand and shallow waters. The only con regarding Playa de Poniente is that doesn’t count with a variety of pubs and restaurants. Playa Levante and Playa de Poniente are separated by the old part of Benidorm and by its castle, located at the top of a cliff, overlooking the city.

Malpas Beach is the third beach of Benidorm. This beach is tiny but features a great charm and is less crowded than the other 2. Please note that this beach is not for kids as it has high currents, you must be careful if you intend to enjoy a nice dip in the Mediterranean Sea.

Benidorm Beaches

Places of interest in Benidorm

Firstly, you must visit The Viewpoint of Punta del Canfali or the Balcony of the Mediterranean. It’s the most unusual location and symbol of the city. If it’s the first time you visit Benidorm, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit this beautiful place and admire the breathtaking views of the beaches and the port of Benidorm.

Viewpoint of Punta del Canfali

Your next stop should be the Church of San Jaime and Santa Ana, built in the 18th century and which, although it has a very simple exterior, is worth visiting. There is another typical place of Benidorm that anyone should miss and that is the Island of Benidorm. If you want to enjoy fabulous adventures, you must visit Terra Mítica, the famous theme park of Benidorm.

Furthermore, don’t miss the chance to stroll around the city and admire its skyscrapers. The Skyline of Benidorm is one of its tourist attractions and surprises anyone who visits the city for the first time and sees it from a distance as it approaches the motorway.

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