The World Would Be Not Like Yesterday After These Innovations

The World Would Be Not Like Yesterday After These Innovations

“Babylonian Fish”

Google released headphones Pixel Buds for $ 159 – the equivalent of “Babylonian fish” from the “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” They can automatically translate from 40 languages so you just need to press a button or say something like: “Help me speak Spanish!”. True, this feature is only available in conjunction with another novelty – the Google Pixel 2 smartphone. One person puts on headphones, the other holds a smartphone. The person in the headphones speaks his own language – the smartphone automatically translates his speech over the loudspeaker. A person with a smartphone answers – in headphones, simultaneous interpretation sounds. It is clear that to communicate in this way on noisy streets will be problematic because the system is not easy to recognize the language among hundreds of other sounds.

Gas-Fired Power Plant with Zero Emissions

The start-up Net Power built a zero-emission gas station in Houston. The technology is based on a fundamentally new turbine with a size of 1/10 of an ordinary turbine, which is placed in a room of 5.6 sq. At the same time, it remains the same powerful, thanks to more efficient heat transfer with the help of supercritical fluid. In a small turbine, natural gas is burned in a combustion chamber in pure oxygen, and only steam and carbon dioxide are produced. Despite the popularity of renewable sources, Net Power believes that with a massive shift to electric cars, the demand for electricity will increase more than ever.

Real Privacy in the Network

A new Internet identification system can verify your identity without requiring you to provide a birth date and other personal data, thanks to a protocol called zero-knowledge proof. Despite the fact that the developers worked for decades on its creation, a special interest in it woke up only last year, thanks to the Zcash cryptocurrency. The developers emphasize that the currency is based on an advanced cryptography system, which allows you to send money to anywhere in the world so that they cannot be tracked. This is the main difference between Zcash and bitcoins. Each bitcoin owner receives an address consisting of letters and numbers, and any transactions pass through a distributed block registry register. Law enforcement authorities can use the data analysis to find out to whom this address belongs and track the progress of transactions.

Neural Network Competitions

Neural networks have learned to recognize millions of images, but for a long time, they could not think of anything on their own. They simply did not have the imagination. The decision was invented by the University of Montreal, creating a generating competitive network (GAN). It is two neural networks (simplified mathematical models of the human brain) that play with each other in cat and mouse. First, both neural networks are trained on the same data.

Genetic Predictions

The day is not far off when at birth children will receive a genetic passport. It will indicate the probability of getting a heart attack in the future, a predisposition to certain types of cancer or diabetes. Investigating an enormous amount of data, scientists deduce “polygenic risk assessments,” which in the future will help identify serious diseases in the early stages and successfully cure. Pharmaceutical companies will also need this information to test drugs that prevent Alzheimer’s disease or cardiovascular disease.

Quantum Computers

Most of all, quantum computers are waiting for chemists. They already anticipate how they will create new molecules with their help. New proteins for much more effective drugs, new electrolytes for batteries, as well as compounds that can convert sunlight directly into liquid fuel.

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