The Downsides of Technology: What Is The Negative Impact Of Social Media On Relationships With People

social media adiction

Are you not happy with your relationships with others? Often feel lonely or misunderstood, even when in a relationship? Instead of blaming other people for our lack of happiness in relationships and life, in general, should take a closer look at our lifestyle and everyday habits to spot the unhealthy behaviors.

Social media are the biggest current time waste 

Not eliminating unnecessary things from their life not only is a waste of time but drain us from the energy necessary to maintain the healthy relationships with others.Good news! Every day is a new day and we all have control over our behavior. In my article, I would like to analyze what’s stopping us from reaching our fullest potential and sparkling in social interactions.

Millenials and phone addiction

Are you a millennial? So the person born in 80s and 90s of the previous century? Then the article is for you! As we grew up in a different environment full of technology, millennials differ from other generations on various levels, including their social interactions. And social media addiction described here will be the first thing to consider in your path to improving your relationships with other people.

Too much information can harm your brain

Because we consume too much information in a short period of time, and because our attention is limited and there’s only so much we can process in a day, we tend to experience information overload. This leaves us feeling worse than before checking all these feeds and learning all these facts about people we don’t really know instead of going out and meet the people you care about.

Social status chasing trap

We seek the social status of some kind and await reactions from friends and even acquaintances. That could be by desperately wanting to make pictures for social media during your romantic trip, or tagging yourself and your partner wherever you go, or publishing a status or picture of a moment that should remain private (such as a fight you had, something you’re planning for the future, a present you received, etc.)

Your partner most likely secretly hates how you use your phone

According to studies, 25% of married couples admitted that they felt their other half was distracted by their phone when they were spending time together. Is it really worth to look at your phone when you can look into someone’s eyes? 

Not only it brings you more and more apart with your partner but enables you and them to cheat almost effortlessly. When meeting a new person is almost as easy as swiping right on a Tinder profile, how addictive it can be to cheat for both sides in the relationship. It’s better to not

So, as you can see, using social media can turn into a negative factor in your relationship if you aren’t cautious. There are so many other things to do in real life to become a more interesting person. Switch off your mobile phone and follow your passions, such as sport, art or simply kiss your partner!