The Best Time To Visit Southern Africa

Southern Africa, which includes South Africa and Zambia where a few of the Chic Collection resorts are located, is one of the top holiday destinations today. The region combines the best of all worlds everyone wants to experience – exotic and unspoiled landscapes, beautiful and magnificent wildlife, and a wide range of social and cultural experiences from dining, shopping and entertainment to interactions with the locals.

One of the most common questions about vacations in southern Africa: When is the best time to visit one of its countries? The best answer: Every time is the best time although several factors must be considered when planning your itinerary. You should consider your personal preferences in weather, activities and accommodations as well as your budget, all of which will contribute to your enjoyment on your southern Africa holiday.

Opposite Climate

If you live in the northern hemisphere including North America and Europe, you should know that the seasons are opposite in the southern hemisphere where southern African countries are located. The heart of winter falls in August while the peak of summer happens in February – a fact that you should consider when planning your stay in either South Africa or Zambia.

While there are a few exceptions, southern African countries usually have brief, albeit heavy, spells of rain during the late afternoon of the summer months (i.e., November to March). The weather can also be hot and humid, thus, necessitating the use of cooling devices like electric fans and air-conditioning units.

The winter season is dry with cooler temperatures except for a few places. In South Africa’s Western Cape, for example, the winter season has rain while the summers are hot and dry. Be sure to consider the distinctive differences in weather patterns for whatever area you plan to spend your holiday in, be it in South Africa or Zambia.

Individual Reasons

Each season obviously has its advantages and disadvantages. You should then first determine your reasons for visiting – to go on a safari, to enjoy the local culture, and to see the wildlife with their young, among others. Your Chic Collection point of contact will be able to provide reliable information about the activities suitable for each season, aside from booking your accommodations at, say, the Singita Lebombo Lodge at the Kruger National Park.

If you want to enjoy a safari then the winter months are your best bet. The winter months mean cooler temperatures, drier foliage, and lesser number of watering holes, all of which translate to easier spotting of the wild animals. Keep in mind that the animals will be more active during the daytime and more likely to congregate in the remaining watering holes.

If you want to see a more lush landscape with the wild animals being seen with their young ones, then you can also visit southern Africa during the warmer months of the summer season. You will be able to enjoy game viewing amidst greener scenery.

In the end, your individual reasons for visiting southern Africa will determine your best time to visit the region, however, there is no bad time to visit it either.

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