The Best Locations and Activities For A Corporate Day Out

In modern workplaces, more and more emphasis is being put on company culture and creating a more productive, engaged and united working environment. While there are numerous ways this can be achieved in-house with office design, flexi-working and constructive meetings, many organisations are looking beyond the confinements of the workplace with corporate days out that are fun and interactive to help motivate staff and promote ‘team building’.

The Best Locations and Activities For A Corporate Day Out

A hugely positive aspect of a corporate away day is that being out of the office in a different environment naturally encourages a different mind-set – breaking down traditional work hierarchies and social barriers within the office structure. However, to reap the rewards from a corporate day out, it’s important to choose the right location and activity that suits your business needs and your staff.  Whether you opt for an action-packed day of sporting activities, a relaxing spa day or a quirky Murder Mystery Party – we’ve put together some cracking suggestions on the best locations and activities to make sure you maximise the benefits of your next corporate day out.

Get Outdoors And Have Fun

If you’re looking to take people well and truly out of their comfort zone, then choosing a corporate day out that involves being outdoors is perfect – although the British weather can be a dampener at times! When it comes to outdoor activities, there’s a whole host of opportunities to bring the team together, boost morale and ensure everyone has plenty of fun in the process. Corporate events hosted at outdoor activity centres like Go Ape are not only available nationwide, but they’re geared up to create activities that will be challenging, constructive and will meet your team objectives.

Be A Big Kid For The Day

Another brilliant way for your team to bond is to let them be a big kid for the day and head to a theme park like Alton Towers or Drayton Manor for the day. While travelling at great speeds with adrenalin coursing through your veins on theme park rides might not seem like an obvious choice for a corporate day, sometimes it’s simply about rewarding your staff with a well-earned treat. Corporate days don’t always have to be about structured activities in a board room – often simply socialising outside the office is great morale booster.

Murder Mystery Parties

However, there’s definitely a time and a place where structure is needed with corporate away days to ensure that as a company you and your team truly benefit from a day out. This is where thinking outside the box with an activity that’s fun, creative and team focused like a Murder Mystery Party in Birmingham could be just the ticket. With a set theme, corporate Murder Mystery Parties can provide the ideal backdrop for everyone to get involved and really work together to solve the murder in an entertaining way.

Test Your Escaping Skills

Also proving to be a popular choice in recent times are escape room activities that require groups to work together, solve challenges and tasks with innovative, logical and lateral thinking to escape from a room against the clock. With a choice of rooms, varying levels of difficulty and the opportunity to pit teams against each other – they’re not only great fun, but a fantastic way to get employees excited about a corporate away day.

The important thing to bear in mind when planning your corporate day out is to keep your key objectives in mind and choose an activity that everyone will enjoy –  you can always pitch a few of these ideas out there and see which one floats.