The 3 Summer RV Camping Necessities

Summer RVing is all about the best camping experiences. Taking the family to a new location and getting that quality alone time with each other, away from the hustle of city life, can refresh you all and bring a new appreciation for each other.

That’s the biggest downside to camping in the winter – there is only so much time you can spend outside! In the summer, the outdoors is completely at your disposal with nothing holding you back (except maybe sunburns and mosquitos, but those are easy fixes if you bring the right things!).

RV parks take some of the annoying hassle away from normal camping as well, having appliance hookups and sometimes showers and restaurants too. But that doesn’t mean you can’t experience the primary joys of outdoor camping this summer. There are three necessities that make it all worth it.


What is summer without swimming? If you don’t have a proper swimming hole nearby, you’re missing out on a family activity that anybody can enjoy! These are perfect times to teach your little ones to swim as well.

Swimming isn’t all you can do with water. Jet skiing, boating, wake boarding – all of these are options! Hot springs are often findable nearby camping areas too, but you may have to plan ahead to find them! Many times swimming areas are short driving distances from your RV park, so if you can leave and come back, take advantage of this!


Nothing brings a family together like a good ol’ fashioned hike! Through the woods, up a mountain or hill, around a lake – it doesn’t really matter, just as long as you have your bug spray, plenty of water, and some trail snacks or sandwiches. Hiking shoes are also recommended.

As well, be sure to bring lost whistles with you! That way, if anybody (especially children) lose their way, you will be able to find each other more easily. Try not to get too far from your vehicle if you aren’t familiar with the area.

First aid kits, also, are of crucial importance. Of course you should have one in your RV, but a smaller one to carry on a hike is easy to acquire and barely weighs anything. See, it’s not uncommon for people to slip or fall and for you to be a few miles away from where you set up camp, so immediate attention may be necessary in dire circumstances!


Is there anything better than roasted hot dogs and s’mores after a long day of swimming and hiking? Of course not! And there’s nothing like roasting them outside. Thankfully, most RV parks have fire pits so you do not have to worry about making one yourself. You bring the food and they’ll bring the fire! Some of them have barbecues as well, but roasting over the fire is tradition!

RV Park fire pits still call for fire safety etiquette. Be careful! You don’t want your RV and all of your belongings catching fire because you were too lazy to take the proper steps! Try to keep small children away from the fire, don’t bring fireworks or explosives near it, have a bucket of water near by, make sure it’s completely out before you go to sleep.