Tale Of Colours – Top 10 Destinations With Vibrant Colours

We are always obsessed with colours. Blue hills, crystal water, green meadows, orange skies and a lot of other colours are an important part of any vacation spot. But, do you know that some of the destinations are vivid with colours like stripped mountains in China and so on. Here are the top 10 destinations in the world that are known for its colour factor.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Tale Of Colours – Top 10 Destinations With Vibrant Colours

This is the largest coral reef in the world and most colourful one of all. It has about 400 different corals, 1,500 different types of fishes and 500 types of aquatic flora. The place is very vivid and colourful. This reef might not be decorating the world for long because of global changes and human activities. Thus, visit it before it is vanished from the face of earth.

Stripped Mountains, China

Tale Of Colours – Top 10 Destinations With Vibrant Colours

The mountain in Zhangye Danxia Park in China is seen in stripes of various colours like red, yellow, orange, blue and others. This is due to the different mineral deposits that are rich in certain places. This give a colourful zebra effect like a fairy tale mountain.

Candy Coloured Island of Procida, Italy

Tale Of Colours – Top 10 Destinations With Vibrant Colours2

This is a very small island in Italy. The water is actually slight blue in colour like every other place. But, the colours of the houses here are in charming candy colours like pink, blue, orange and others. On a bright sunny day, the sun reflects those colours on the sea and creates a spectrum of water rainbow.

5 Coloured River in Colombia

Tale Of Colours – Top 10 Destinations With Vibrant Colours

Cano Cristales is the five coloured and most beautiful river in the world. The bed of the river is bright red in colour and you can find yellow, blue, green and black coloured areas here and there. This is due to the different flora that occupies this river. There is no fish in this river due to lack of nutrients and this river very clean.

Striped Fields, Holland

Tale Of Colours – Top 10 Destinations With Vibrant Colours4

During spring, in Holland, you can find fields with stripes of varying coloured flowers like daffodils, hyacinth and others. This would create a straight rainbow on ground. You ought to visit this place to get a panoramic view for a distance to appreciate the art of nature.

Shibazakura Hills, Japan

Tale Of Colours – Top 10 Destinations With Vibrant Colours5

When the season in right, this hill will be filled with flowers of all known shades of pink. The flowers are called as moss blooms or Shibazakura. You would never know that there are so many shades of pink until you visit the hill. The snow capped mountain background adds more aesthetic beauty to the place.

One such similar place is the Lavender Hills of France. The whole hill would be in lavender colour because of the flowers that fill every inch of this hill.

Jodhpur, India

Tale Of Colours – Top 10 Destinations With Vibrant Colours6

This city is called as the Sun City or the blue city. All the houses are painted in blue here. The city would look very simple in the morning. But as the dusk enters, the royal blue houses in the background of bright blue sky makes this place very beautiful. It is said that in ancient times, royal people painted their houses in royal blue and locals followed the trend too. Some say that the city has heavy termite problem and people paint their house with copper sulphate lime wash to prevent termite problems. Every element of the city starting from transportations to displays is blue in colour to keep with the trend.

A similar place is in Morocco. Rue Targui of Morocco is also called as Blue City of Morocco. The place is completely blue for about 50 years. Anything that can be painted would be blue in colour. It is said that the aqua blue colour wards off mosquitoes.

Natron Lake, Tanzania

Tale Of Colours – Top 10 Destinations With Vibrant Colours7

The soda lake in Tanzania is a shallow lake with bright red water which is very high in acidic level. Because of this condition, no aquatic animal is found in the lake and no flora is found on the shores. But, the yellowish orange shores and red water makes the place look electric and amazing.

Wroclaw, Poland

Tale Of Colours – Top 10 Destinations With Vibrant Colours8

Wroclaw is a man made colourful paradise. Wroclaw is the capital f Lower Silesia. It has a lot of tourism attraction spots. But, the most important one is the colourful houses with ancient design in bright colours that makes the place look vivid and colourful.

Hong Kong

Tale Of Colours – Top 10 Destinations With Vibrant Colours9

The city has colourful houses that are vivid and bright. But, it is not just the attraction. In the early evening, the light from the towers falls on the sea making the water look like rainbow water with vivid colours and glitter.

Other colourful places in the world are Italy, Balat Istanbul, Rio de Janerio, Puerto Rico, Buenos Aires, Amsterdam, Greece, Cape Town, Brighton Beach, Bubble Gum Lake and many others.