Some tips for achieving the best of scores in GRE

If you have opted for GRE this year, then your preparation must have started by now. But still, there are many aspirants who are not sure about how to do the preparation. So today we are here with the tips which are necessary for prospective test takers as well as the candidates who are planning to take GRE in near future. You need to be well versed with the exam and should know of everything which is expected from you in the exam. Furthermore, you can also join GRE institutes and get the best GRE training.

Therefore, we will start with section wise tips for the candidates followed by some of the general tips for the preparation. This test evaluates the verbal, quantitative, critical thinking and analytical writing skills of the aspirant which are divided into three sections- Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. So going to each section individually, we have:

GRE Verbal Reasoning

This section is there to test the candidate’s skills to analyze and draw conclusions and also understand and add value to data. So here are the few tips while preparing for this section:

  • Learn new words and practice grammar

The candidate should indulge in the practice of learning new words and not just learn them but also should try to use them more frequently in their daily using sentences. Grammar is one also needed to be practiced more.

  • Reading comprehension

It is the most important section of this verbal reasoning. The candidate should practice more and more reading comprehension and try to understand what is given and what is asked. The practice is the key to do it on time and more precisely.

Quantitative Reasoning:

This section is there to test the candidate’s basic mathematical skills of the test taker. Few tips for this section include:

  • Practice elementary mathematical problems

The types of questions which come in this section are from the elementary mathematics, so the candidate should practice these kinds of questions. Moreover, there are 20 questions, so the aspirants should try to complete this section in 35 minutes.

  • Solve sample papers

Try to solve as many as sample papers you can solve for the exam. This is very helpful. Plan, prepare and practice are the three words which will help you excel here.

GRE Analytical Writing

This section is there to check the candidate’s critical thinking ability and analytical writing skills. Tips for this section include:

  • Reading and analyzing

There is no shortcut for this section. You need to read thoroughly and analyze what is given in the question. These questions will check the analytical thinking of the candidates, practice more and more.

  • Practice writing

The candidate should practice writing with good vocabulary and no grammar mistakes. This will create a big difference in the scores in this exam.

Some general tips:

  1. The candidate should provide himself with the environment same as the exam day before the exam and keep track of time while solving.
  2. Practice all the previous exam questions and get the grip over questions.
  3. No negative marking is there, so try to attempt as many as questions you can during the exam.

Above all, hard work and practice is the only way to achieve your dream score in the exam.