How Good Content Writing Helps To Rank First?


In the modern era of digital space, every digital aspect is gaining importance and continuously expanding. Whether it is social media or websites, you need to be careful of the content published and how it is being viewed by the users. Similarly, ranking on search engines is an important aspect of any type of business in order to attract more customer base and increase sales. SEO is the key to improve your ranking on search engines.

There are quite a lot of ways to manage your search engine ranking. SEO is a vast section in digital marketing which keeps improving and expanding as Google introduces new updates. However, content writing is still the best strategy to improve your SEO. Written content is important and companies even hire content writing firm in Dubai for writing content for their websites. Following are few of the ways in which good content writing helps the website to improve its ranking.

The Need of Strategic Keywords and Search Terms:

The ranking of search engines depend on the usage and placement of keywords. The placement of keywords plays a huge role in the ranking on search engines. The only way to smartly place keywords is by including them in blog posts and other written content on the website. If you do not have any content, you will not be able to maintain its position.

Attracting Social Validation

Rankings also depend on social validation at times. Attracting social validation is possible either by lots of money or by great content. Often websites have average quality content but are able to attract social validation with the help of money. However, for startups and small businesses it is not possible and they need to have quality content to attract social validation. People like your website if they can easily find what they are searching for so simple yet good quality content is what attracts more traffic.

Quality Back Links Depend On Quality Content

Quality back links is one of the types of social validation. Google considers it a validation if your website is back linked on other websites. While you can pay people and pages to link users to your website, it is expensive and not affordable by everyone. However, if the content on your website is well-written and useful, people will link it without asking for any amount of money.

Google Requires Content To Rank It

It is as simple as it is written. To rank anything, Google first needs to have content. Like Google images rank images, Google videos rank videos; similarly the normal Google search needs written content to rank it on its pages.

Search Task Accomplishment Factor

Google is currently working on an algorithm to check if people could find the required information on your website. It will help Google to manage the search task accomplishment factor. It is another factor which would directly affect the ranking on Google. In order to make sure your website is providing enough information, you need to sure of the quality been put up on the website. It is only possible through good content writing that people can find what they are searching for.

Previously the concept of SEO was unusual for the people. However, now times have changed quite a lot and now SEO controls a huge part of digital marketing. All the renowned companies in the world now work hard and put in a lot of effort into improving their SEO. Written content is one of the key features of SEO and therefore your website ranking on Google can be improved if you are publishing good quality content on your website. You can also hire content writing firm in Dubai to provide you with content related to your website.