Some Interesting Rules Of The Best City To Live In The World

Some Interesting Rules Of The Best City To Live In The World

What makes a city the best one to live in? Is it the people and the markets or the heritage and history? Or is it the level of urbanization which facilitates an effortlessly luxurious lifestyle of the inhabitants? As a matter of fact, it is an ideal blend of everything mentioned above. Jaipur is a city which has bits of tourism, architecture, history, heritage and mystery complemented with lots of wonderful and warm people.

A Safe Haven for Tourists

Every city has a definitive rhythm of functioning. Jaipur in fact has a very distinct rhythm. It is a city bubbling with life. The forts and palaces contribute to the city’s gorgeous skyline and they also attract the major portion of the city’s tourists. Jaipur is one of the gateways to the Thar Desert. Each year millions of tourists assemble at Jaipur to visit the marvels of architecture crafted by the lost Kings of Rajasthan. Ajmer Fort, City Palace, Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar and Jaigarh Fort still stand as witnesses to the time which has passed by since the last king left the city.

Jaipur has the lowest crime rate amongst all the major cities of India. This makes it possible for all tourists and permanent residents to explore the Pink City without any restrictions.

The Best Suited Accommodation and Food

The City of Forts has thousands of hotels which have a wide variety of rents and services. All tourists, weekenders and backpackers can find something to their liking in this city. The food is also amazing. In the evening the neon signs of international fast food chains light up to keep up with the traditional Rajasthani shops selling chai, chaat and gatta.

More in Store at the Countryside

Exploring the Pink City takes about 2 days, but the real fun begins when you step outside the perimeters of the tourist bound city. You can opt for long drives to revel in the pure beauty of the countryside. The best option is the book an outstation cab service from the city and keeps driving till you see the desert. On your way you will cross Ajmer, Jaisalmer and see chasing sand dunes as you leave Pushkar behind.

Take a Million Snapshots

Do not forget your camera when you leave for Jaipur. It is one of the most photographed cities of the country and is also a pilgrimage for photographers. The surreal color of the buildings coupled with the colorful attire of the local people makes it a natural heaven for all photographers.

The Nexus of Indigenous Handicrafts

But if you think these are the only reasons you should visit Jaipur, think again. Jaipur is most famous for its handicraft. The local people labor throughout the day to produce some of the finest bandhni and mirror work items which sell for hundreds of dollars on international websites. These handicraft items include knotted carpets, faux antiques made out of brass and stone, camel bone figurines and handcrafted daggers. Thus the city makes sure that you carry a bit of it back home.