Popular Vampire Films

Vampire films represent an interesting genre in the industry, with their own sheer oddity and interesting aura. There are many variations of vampire movies and fans are always obliged to watch them. Some of these films have created a cult following, although they are not necessarily good movies by standard terms. However, many vampire films are known for the repeated watchability, artistic elements and humor. There are many factors that encourage people to watch vampire films over and over again. Interesting things about a vampire film may include interesting actions, dialogue and the overall creepiness. We should also consider other artistic qualities, such as direction, costume design, set and cinematography. In general, vampire films simply speak for themselves.

There are some examples of influential vampire films, although they are not always good in terms of cinematography and other factors. Son of Dracula is one of the classic vampire movies with well-made special effects for 1940’s standard. It is interesting to see a very physical Dracula in the movie that literally strangles his victims and adversaries. It’s also the second film after Nosferatu that shows a Dracula that can transform into a mist, turn into a bat and dissolves when struck by sunlight. Blacula Okay is a unique vampire film for 1970’s that features a vampire in cape that walks around without attracting attention. It also portrays an African prince who’s imprisoned by the Dracula. It simply offers a lot for a vampire movie.

Bela Lugosi’s Dracula is one of classic vampire films, although it is not really frightening for today’s standards. In fact, the film drags on and seems to be poorly edited. There are scenes that seem to take forever and the camera doesn’t move at all. Nevertheless, it is a strong vampire film, with some stunning visuals for its time. Bela Lugosi still has an unmatched performance overall.

The Underworld series are known for their interesting combination of action, vampires and werewolves. It borrows the elements of the Matrix as well as classic Mafia films. Fans of the series often see it as a remake of Romeo and Juliet, with vampires and werewolves as the feuding families. It is a perfect entertainment to watch if you want to get sappy romance and other interesting horror elements. From Dusk Till Dawn is another interesting vampire flick and it offers a number of interesting characters, such as a shotgun-toting priest that can also use his weapon as a makeshift cross. It is an interesting kind of movie and those who haven’t rented it, should stop whatever they are doing right now and get the it.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula is one of the most popular vampire movies, although it is criticized for rather bland characters. In fact, film crews needed to shout obscene words to Winona Ryder due to her lack of emotion. The Interview with the Vampire is based on Anna Rice’s works and it features Tom Cruise as the classic vampire character, Lestat.