Why Bands Should Distribute Giveaways and Free Newsletters?

Band managers always try to lock the name of their band into the mind of local consumers. They are looking to get effective methods for band promotion. Obviously, trying to promote a relatively unknown band is quite challenging and it is no easy feat. In this case, it would be more effective for us to give free stuff away for slightly interested listeners. They will be able to check out band more. Some bands have older EP that they put together previously and we weren’t able to sell them. Instead of stashing them away in storage rooms, it would be much better to give them away to hundreds of young pedestrians who could be interested in our music.

We should modify these giveaways to whatever design and functionality that is appropriate for our potential fans. As an example, if we can’t give away an EP, we could offer them posters that have been lying around our storage room for months. Giveaways could also be distributed through online means and we could deliver free sample of our songs. Doing this small thing should keep us memorable with fans. We know that people love free stuff and we should be able to meet their requirements. There are many low-cost ideas that we can take to appeal to our fans and it will be guaranteed to offer plenty of returns.

Many successful musicians could testify that it’s hands down the most effective thing they did during early parts of their career. If we are able to provide giveaways and communicate with fans, we should be able to take our marketing campaign to the next level. If fans are comfortable enough with our giveaways, it is the time to provide them with newsletters, so they could be kept updated about our development. Email newsletters are a more complete form of communication than fliers and brochures. We should move beyond distributing brochures and pinning up flyers. We should plan to provide more comprehensive information and this will put us in control.

With email newsletters, we should be able to determine how often and when we should communicate with fans and other people in the newsletter list. We will be in control of what exactly people should hear and know. If we are able to control the communications, we will have the ability to insert call of action messages and fans will be directed to do something that benefits our band, such as buying concert tickets. In fact, email newsletters can be the most rewarding and relevant form of communication, because sending them to thousands of people can be performed by only clicking the “Send” button in our email account.

It is clear that newsletter paths often lead to profits and we can’t stress how essential it is to get email for prospective fans in a non-intrusive way. As an example, we could bribe them with even better giveaways in our website, if they are willing to subscribe to our email newsletters.