Mumbai – A City Enclosing A Sprawling National Park Within Its Province

Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra. It is one of the most developed and richest cities in India and largely noted for its tourism aspect. Filled with numerous tourist attractions, it offers a holiday full of fun and adventure. The Borivali National Park is a popular tourist attraction here and sits in the midst of the sprawling city. With a small Borivali National Park entry fees and a mass of wonderful tourist attractions, the place attracts millions of tourists every year.

Mumbai - A City Enclosing A Sprawling National Park Within Its Province

Mumbai, a city that never sleeps and currently in all its fun, cosmopolitan, vibrant, and epic glory is one of the most celebrated cities in India. Largely known as the capital of Maharashtra and the commercial capital of India, it is a massive city and counts amongst the most populated and crowded cities in the country. It is a fast growing city with an interesting mix between old and new. The legacy of the city is long and checkered. Occupied by the Portuguese, given as a dowry to the British, then its formation by combining the seven original islands, which was then followed by its development as a chief port city and commerce base, the history of the city is so rich that it makes the city envied by many. Situated overlooking the vast Arabian sea, today it is one of the richest cities in the country. It is very modern with a truly cosmopolitan nature. It is a city of dreams, a very glamorized one as is the home of Bollywood or Indian Film Industry.

Spend a relaxing evening by the beautiful seashore, explore the legendary arts, try the sumptuous streetfood, ride on the most spine-chilling rides at one of the amusement parks, explore the captivating world of Bollywood, spend some time in tranquility at the revered religious temples and shrines, or escape away to the quiet little hill stations nearby, the list of things to do in Mumbai is simply endless. If you are in the city, the tourist attractions that are worth checking out include:

Mumbai - A City Enclosing A Sprawling National Park Within Its Province

Borivali National Park – Now known as Sanjay Gandhi National Park, it is a large protected area covering around 104 k.m. square of land. It is one of the largest and finest protected areas that exist in the midst of a sprawling modern city. It is home to a rich flora and fauna and records state that nearly 2 million visitors visit the park every year. Consisting of forests, highlands and lowlands, water bodies, grasslands, etc., the park houses over 1000 species of plants, 40 species of mammals, and 251 species of birds. The prime attractions here include: tigers, spotted deer flying fox, leopard, rhesus macaque, crocodiles, and Russell’s Viper. The Borivali National Park entry fees are quite minimal, easily fitting the wallet size of many.

Gateway of India – It is one of the oldest and most prominent landmarks of the city. Overlooking the Arabian Sea the monument was built by the British to celebrate the arrival of King George V and Queen Mary, which then was known as Bombay. It is a massive structure with a height of 26 meters and easily visible from a distance. The architecture of the structure is Indo-Saracenic Revival style and it was opened for public viewing in 1924.

Elephanta Caves – Declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Elephanta Caves are a group of caves that are located about 10 k.m. from the city. Excursions from Gateway of India are organized daily. These caves are believed to be created between 5th and 8th centuries, however, there are still debates on the builders of the caves. The caves can be divided into two categories, viz, Hindu caves group and Buddhist caves group. If you are an enthusiast of history and are an explorer, a visit to the caves is worth.

Visit the large and bustling city on your next vacation and spend a memorable holiday exploring all popular as well as hidden attractions of the city.Sandeep is an expert blogger who specializes in travel related topics. He also writes about travel tips and guides tourists on modes of travel, such as train schedule for mumbai to agra train.