London’s Best Food Street Stalls

London’s Best Food Street Stalls

London has the best gourmet stalls and culinary delights to satiate your every type of craving whether it’s weird and wonderful international cuisines or its street snacking on your list. The city is full of colourful vibrant street markets, bustling with amazing food stalls, serving lip-smacking food from pulled-pork sarnies to mouth-watering macaroons.

Street food is saviour for those who are a big time foodie and obsessed with trying something new and delicious without spending much in expensive restaurants. The city boosts of several fun events and food festivals welcoming food vans trucks, and airstream that serves high quality and delicious food in disposable containers which you can munch anytime of the day.

No wonder, the surge of street food market has turned up recently which has encouraged several food vendors to grow up around the streets of London, making it a street-food force to be reckoned with.

Here is our guide to London’s best street food feasting you can dig into and which are worth walking those extra miles just like you would do for any well-known restaurants.

Yu Kyu

The most delectable dish and the most popular one also is chicken katsu curry.  This Japanese dish is amazingly delicious cooked using crunchy panko-crumbed chicken breast and fragrant katsu curry sauce. The entire thing is put into a burger bun, and the final thing that comes out is absolutely out of the world. Tinkle your taste buds ordering this freaking delicious snack with sweet potatoes to enliven your day.

Must try: Curry Katsu Sandwich (£6.50)

Catch them at: Kerb


A big fat burrito is what defines Luardos speciality. Satiate your appetite enjoying this Burrito, which is cooked in best of flavours and fresh meat. The chicken is boiled in garlic and bay, the pork is cooked slowly with fennel and orange. After this pico de gallo, guacamole, lettuce and Jack cheese is added to give the best taste.

Must Try: Chipotle brisket burrito (£5)

Catch them at: Kerb, Brockley Market

Eat My Pies

This British street food stall will charm you with its array of best dishes. Finest scotch eggs, pork pies and custard tarts is something to behold. The smoked-haddock Scotch egg is the best thing they offer apart from the exquisite chorizo pie. Thanks for the extra care and love they put in to create every simple dish with a different twist.

Must Try: Scotch Eggs (£3.50)

Catch them at: White Cross Market

Jamon Jamon

Jamon Jamon is a paradise for fan of paella. Yes, here you will get best paella cooked in different aromatic spices and prawns. The seafood served here is awesome and the paella Valenciana is a favourite (chicken and runner beans) among most of the curious foodies. Also try their English breakfast fryella, which is styled combo in bacon, eggs and beans.

Must Try: Selection of Tapas dishes

Catch them at: Real Food market

Hot Mess

You will be delighted to discover this place that serves amazing food along with great service. Here you will find the best crispy hand-cut chips. These chips are superb and unique as these are topped with squishy, creamy blobs of cheese curds. Further, these are drenched in gravy made from veal stock/ mushrooms, to give it an authentic Canadian dish texture. Those who love chips, cheese and delicious gravy combo, Hot Mess is the right place to hit in the streets of London.

Must Try: Small poutine (£3.50)

Catch them at: Rupert Street Market, Fridays

Moen’s Hog Roast

A  butcher and delicatessen in Clapham, this shop is best known for serving a Portuguese-style water roll with wild rocket, apple sauce, and herby roast pork. Apart from several good stalls in the market, this shop remains the best find for street food lover.

Must try: The roast pork in a roll (£5)

Catch them at: Venn Street Market only on Saturdays

Nearest Neighbourhoods: If you are planning to visit London to enjoy its street food feasts, the nearby neighbourhood which are close to these street shops are Islington and Camden. Staying here, you can conveniently explore these culinary delights and feast every day without burning a hole in your pocket.