How You Can Find A Great Hotel In Kuala Lumpur’s City Centre

How You Can Find A Great Hotel In Kuala Lumpur’s City Centre

There’s nothing quite like a great getaway, is there?  As the great Cole Porter himself put it in one of his songs, “There’s No Cure Like Travel,” and with everything from booking a flight to a hotel and everything in between easier than ever before, it’s no wonder that more people are likewise choosing to take that vacation they sorely deserve.

And what better place to go than the crown jewel of Malaysia, one of Asia’s best-kept secrets, Kuala Lumpur! Famous without being cliché and excitingly unique without being off-putting for outsiders, tourism to Malaysia in general and Kuala Lumpur in particular makes up a significant part of Malaysia’s annual income, and with good reason.

Of course, if you’re going to stay in “KL” itself, you’re going to want to book a great hotel ahead of time. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you find a great hotel near KLCC for booking.

How You Can Find A Great Hotel In Kuala Lumpur’s City Centre

Search Online

One of the biggest tips any first-time hotel booker can receive is to book online. The market is simply far more competitive and varied online nowadays. Both hotel-specific sites and hotel comparison sites can help you find the type of place you’re looking for, and both offer deals with great frequency.

Location, Location, Location

So, you’ve decided to shop online – what should your first search criteria be? As with real estate, the golden rule of hotel hunting is location, location, location. It’s all about finding valuable real estate and staying in the type of place you feel comfortable, relaxed, and luxuriant. After all, you don’t want to fly all that way to be stuck in an hour-long commute into and out of the city from a hotel on the fringes!

One thing you’ll want to check in particular when it comes to hotel booking in Kuala Lumpur is where your hotel is in relation to public transit and traffic arteries. As with any big city, Kuala Lumpur has areas which are well-worth the travel but can be slightly more difficult to reach if you’re stuck in traffic or, if you choose to take public transit, if your hotel is far from a stop.

Size Matters

Of course, even the best-located hotel won’t count for much if you’re stuck staying in a filthy matchbox of a room! While societal and national standards differ as to what a large room may constitute, everyone can recognise a small room when they see it – and no one likes to stay in one! Do your research, and ensure you stay in a room with nicely sized rooms – bonus points for authentic Malaysian or modern up-tempo décor!

Customer Reviews

Just how can you be certain that the room you’re getting will match your expectations? One of the best ways to check is with fellow customers. Customer reviews on hotels’ own sites as well as hotel comparison sites can be a great way of seeing what those who have actually stayed there have to say about a given room.

Travel and book your hotel a smarter way and get your vacation underway with great online hotel booking in Kuala Lumpur today!