How to Choose the Right Colors for Different Web Designs


A website is made up of different components. To make a website visually appealing and stand apart from your competitors, it is necessary you integrate the best features and attributes in your website. Apart from all the different components, choosing colors for a website is also important. The colors that you select for your website must be such that they complement the overall design of your website. The right color combination will create a connect with your audience and project your brand in the best possible way.

So, if you are among those who is facing a dilemma in choosing the best colors for the website this post will act as a guidance for you.

Starting from Scratch

Firstly you need to decide the number of colors that you need on your website. In general using three different colors in varied proportions will be enough. These three colors can be classified as the primary, secondary and the accent color.

More than half of your website’s color palette will be covered by the primary color. One-third with that of the secondary color which will contrast with the primary color. Thus, creating a visually stunning effect. The remaining portion will be covered by the accent color whose objective is to complement either the primary or the secondary color.

Overall the selection of colors must be such that it gives a soothing effect to your visitor’s eyes.

Choose a Theme Focused Background

Your web page must be such that it gives an awesome readability to your visitors. The combination of black text on a white background is regarded as the best. However, before making a choice it is necessary that the colors you choose must go with the theme of your website. Colors like black, gray and black are considered one of the most effective and efficient background colors.

The background color you choose for your website will enable you to direct the focus of your visitors. Depending on the genre of your business, website background colors will play its role. For example, in the case of an online clothing store, using bold and dark colors for the merchandise shelf section will enable you to draw the attention of your visitors.

Incorporating Shades & Tints

There may be a case where you may feel the need to implement quite a few different colors. The best way to utilize different colors in your website is by using shades and tints. These will be very useful for segregating the captions, sidebars, and tables from the other content especially in a content rich website. Without making use of any other additional color you will be able to integrate the design.

You can keep your existing scheme of colors the way they are as tints and shades will provide you with the additional color options.

Take Inspiration From An Image

You cannot design a website without making use of even a single image. So, when you are inserting images into your website design you can choose the color of your layout that matches with your website. By doing this you will be able to create a unified design for your website without spending much time in choosing the right color compositions for it.

Photographs of images have always been an inspiration for designing the web pages. You will have to coordinate the colors along with the primary image and with the rest of the website. Choosing colors like brown, blue and earth tones will allow you to have an emotional impact on your visitors.

Setting Clear Business Goals

Website Colors can also provoke a customer to take a specific action. Web sites that are consumer driven need to make sure that all the color compositions are correct for promoting their brand. Many brand managers and researchers have made use of color psychology for making their products more engaging.

With respect to different businesses, there are some common colors that are in practice. For example, the hotels and restaurants usually make use of bold colors like orange and red whereas financial institutions use blue. Talking about some college or university websites, their design can be a tedious one due to the large amount of content that needs to be displayed on the website.

So, whatever business theme is represented by your website all you need to make sure is that your color combinations are right. This will have a significant and long-lasting impact on your visitors.


Keeping the customers or the visitors first is what makes a website successful. Your colors and designs must be such that they are appealing to your target audience. The choice of colors must be a result of a proper strategy. Choosing random colors for your website will do no good to your website and business.

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