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I have holidayed in Spain for over a decade and I go back every year. Spain is one of my favorite places on earth. I love the people, the language, the food, the art, the music, the beaches and the architecture. I love everything about Spain. In my mind, there was no way to make Spain better than it already was.

I was wrong! My decade of holidaying in Spain was all spent staying at hotels. The hotels that I stayed at were very nice and I loved them very much. It was actually my mother of all people who suggested that I rent a home for my holiday in Spain.

My first thoughts were, “I don’t need a home because I like the hotels I’ve stayed at.” I’m always resistant to change, that is one of my many faults but to my credit I do enjoy change once I’m talked into doing something new. So, my wife agreed with my mom and I had no choice but to rent a holiday home in Spain. We used an agency to help us find our holiday rental and they did a great job with finding out what criteria we had and what we wanted.

Once we got to the holiday home in Spain, we were shocked at what we found. This was the good type of shocked. We have this beautiful home, with great architecture and with classy furniture. It was beautiful and better looking than the pictures we had seen on the internet. The experience was really different.

With a hotel, you have to check in, have your luggage delivered to your room and deal with that process. When renting a home for holiday, the process is a lot easier. It is easier because you show up, and attendant, gives you your keys, shows you around and tells you to contact them if you need any help.

So, basically you get off the plane, take a ride and just move right in. I did like that a lot better than staying in a hotel. One other thing that I really loved was the privacy. We had this entire home to play around in and we even had a private pool which we spent a lot of time in. It might sound weird but it felt like home but in a prettier location and I quite enjoyed that aspect of it all.

I will suggest that you work with a home rental agent who is familiar with Spain and renting holiday homes in Spain. I much prefer going through a company than trying to rent on my own. I also suggest that you use a company with a great reputation.

As you can see, staying in a home while on holiday in Spain is a great way to enjoy your time. We have found that it gives you more privacy and a more relaxed trips. Renting a home is how we always holiday while in Spain and in other countries.

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