Having Trouble Finding Suitable Hotel In Berlin? Say No More!

Our world is getting more and more globalised nowadays. People tend to travel more frequently and for longer periods of time. If you’re lucky enough, you can pick up a job that requires to travel to different destinations and stay there for a few weeks, sometimes even for months. But what about the accommodation?

Getting in touch with the locals through various couchsurfing websites and gatecrashing into their flat for three months (or even more) certainly does not sound as a pleasant experience. First thing that comes up to everybody’s mind is to find a temporary sanctuary in some cozy hotel (in a perfect world, your window would provide a splendid view over the main boulevard in the heart of the city centre). However, if you are bound for Berlin, choosing a hotel apartment for a longer period of time might not always be a best solution.

In the case of the German capital and its buzzing atmosphere, there are always other ways to go. Whether you are a freelancer, digital nomad or you are just simply sent to Berlin by your employer, there is a plethora things to see. With all its nooks and crannies, theatres, museums and nightclubs, you can also find beautiful furnished apartments in Berlin  as an alternative to (usually) plain and impersonal hotel rooms. The furnished apartments provide not only a unique experience of temporary accommodation, but also offer a reasonable price that could be a great money saver. It only depends on your preference and length of your stay. A wide selection of the apartments seeks to satisfy every type of customer, whether you are looking for a cozy, charming place for resting after an exhausting day or a modern, airy condo in a neighbourhood full of nightlife and contemporary art.

The price rate of the furnished apartments in Berlin varies from 850 EUR for a two room apartment in Schöneberg district in the south of Berlin to 2000 EUR for a stylish three room apartment in Neukölln district, close to Tempelhofer Feld, a large recreation area with rich history and suitable for any kind of outdoor activities. Having doubts about the price? Let’s compare one of the apartments in the Berlin-Mitte district with whatever the hotels can offer you, for the same level of services and equipment. The price for a designer two room apartment is 1600 EUR per month. Located in the heart of Berlin, it takes you only one minute to reach the nearest U-Bahn subway station. What is even better, the main Unter den Linden boulevard is only two stops away. The apartment is located on the Chausseestraße, which has expirenced an incredible shift throughout last years. With its abundance of cafés, restaurants, bistros and shops it is just a small thriving part of the bigger mosaic of the Berlin city centre. The apartment comes with an iron, washing machine, cleaning detergents, dishwasher, coffee machine, microwave etc. Furthermore, the apartment building is equipped with an elevator, a garage for parking and a gym.

Are there any advantages of hotel rooms over rented furnished apartments? Some people just don’t prefer cleaning over other activities, let’s give them that. No wonder, hotel rooms usually provide daily cleaning services. However, there are two sides to every coin. Overall, rented apartments offer more comfort and way more space than the hotel rooms. It also comes fully equipped with things you need for your everyday convenience you usually will not find in a hotel. So what do the hotels in this area offer? Within the five-kilometre distance from the city centre the prices for four-star hotels range from 75 to 145 EUR per day. The daily rate for this particular furnished apartment does not get over 53 EUR.

All in all, you can get more out of your stay in any possible way. The furnished apartments in Berlin are an excellent alternative to the common hotel room by many counts. Whether it is an overall comfort of spacious apartments, wide selection of uniquely designed flats in various locations of Berlin or simply just the price, the furnished apartments are something you’ve been looking for for a long time.