Get In The Car Accident While Traveling Overseas?

Traveling overseas is such a thrilling adventure especially when you decide to experience as much of the native culture as possible. You try the food, you see the natural and historic sites and you drive to those sites in your rented vehicle. Why do you choose to drive instead of taking the tour bus or local taxi? You are independent and you like making your own schedule, plus you would like to experience even more of the essence of the country. Unfortunately, while driving this rented vehicle in a foreign country, you have an accident that causes significant damage. What are the next steps you must take to resolve this unpleasant matter?

An American driver rents a vehicle in Scotland where the steering wheel is located on the right side of the vehicle, not the left side like in vehicles made in the U.S. and while driving this vehicle is involved in a serious automobile accident. Even if he accepted the insurance from the rental car company, there may still be financial repercussions if injuries resulted from the accident. The American driver may be at fault. While he is a good driver when driving where he is familiar in America, he was facing new driving challenges with the steering wheel on the opposite side of the car and being in a foreign country. Foreign countries have different road signs, road conditions, speed limits and road configurations.

Even if the American tourist in Scotland is a smart traveler and discovered how to use travel insurance and credit card insurance to fully cover his rental vehicle, neither of these types of insurance covers personal liability. They also don’t cover injuries you, the insurance owner may sustain in a car accident. In the event of a law suit or personal injury, he will be responsible for out-of-pocket costs unless he can obtain the services of personal injury lawyers or compensation lawyers legally practicing in the country where the accident occurred.

Your first responsibility is to make sure you have proper documentation of the accident. Notify the local police as soon as possible. Obtain contact information of anyone who witnessed the accident. Take photos of the vehicles and property involved. If possible take photos of injured persons as well. This will be very important for your personal injury lawyers to see if a lawsuit is pursued.

If you have an accident in Scotland you will need to hire a lawyer to represent you if you are being sued there. It is possible to find a Scottish law firm that is affiliated with an American law firm, if that gives you a sense of comfort. Increasingly, law firms are expanding internationally and merging their resources with their foreign counterparts. In fact, as international travel has become more common, international law firms have become more common as well. If should be fairly easy to find a firm equipped to take on your case no matter where your accident took place helping you claim damages for medical costs, missed compensation, damage to property, pain and suffering and personal injury. Check this blogpost to inform yourself on the countries where you’re most likely to suffer a car crash.

Do not be allow fear to prevent you from traveling abroad and experiencing every aspect of what life in the region is like, including driving on the local roads. If you are involved in a car accident, you can obtain legal representation that will protect your interests. Your compensation lawyers could be American or partners with an American firm, either way they will work very hard at making sure you are compensated for damages you incurred. If you were at fault, they will make every effort to insure that your financial liability is limited to the smallest amount possible.

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