Making The Dream Of Backpacking In Australia A Reality

We’re living in a unique time. In a lot of ways, every one of us is in a position which our ancestors would look at as almost magical. Not only do we know the full face of the earth, but we can travel to any point of it. Even destinations which would be almost legend not too long ago can be reached easily. And flying out to some of the most amazing adventures one could imagine is a reality that’s close at hand. And it’s even more true for younger people who are eager and ready to put their youth to the test. A lot of people dream of traveling, or even backpacking around Australia for a year or two. Too often though, people find themselves discouraged. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. It’s not only possible, but even easy to get started. It just takes the courage to say yes to life. Well, courage and willingness to follow a few steps.

First and foremost, one needs to learn a little about the process of applying for a visa. When applying for a visa to australia, the best route is to get what’s known as a visa kit. The visa kit contains everything that one might need in order to apply for what’s known as a travel visa. The travel visa is basically a way of getting permission to living in Australia for an extended period of time. The visa also makes it clear that the holder does intend to actually head back home at some point. One can think of it as a friendly handshake between country of origin and the destination.

While a visa online application can be used, in general a kit is more effective. The main reason is that a visa online application can often become very confusing very quickly if one isn’t prepared. Government agencies have a habit of changing form locations at the drop of a hat, and often don’t properly update listings in the process. We recommend the Time for Advice kit for anyone looking for the easiest way to get it done.

After the visa application has been set, it’s a good time to get some general planning in. One will need to carefully check a few things in particular. At the top of the list, one should make sure his or her passport is safe and current. And above all, if one doesn’t have a passport then it’s time to get started applying for that as well.

Next, one should check on phone plans. Obviously, most people are going to already have a mobile phone. However, phone plans and especially the costs of data access can be quite high when traveling abroad. It’s quite easy to get a replacement SIM card which will give one local access in Australia. It’s best to have that ready than to be caught off guard though.

Next, one should carefully consider what items to bring. It’s always a good idea to have a canteen or thermus on hand. If one intends to enjoy nature, it’s quite possible that a hike will remove him or her from food and water for days at a time. A few MRE rations can be a good idea, but even something like health bars from the supermarket are a good item to pack. Grain cereals in a sealed bottle are an often overlooked way to ensure constant access to food as well. It’s cheap, nutrient packed, and contrary to popular opinion won’t even need milk. It’s an acquired taste, but taking a swig of cereal when hiking can be a literal lifesaver.

Lastly, one should check out the options for car or truck rentals. While hiking and backpacking are the main goal, one will often need to drive to specific areas. Being able to rent a truck and return it at a later destination can be invaluable. It’s easy to forget that Australia is huge, and that much of it is still wild. That can be great for hiking in spurts, but it’s best not to plan on that for every single day of the time spent there. A balance of ease and roughing it is the best way to really experience what Australia has to offer.

Other than those preparations, one can simply go with their heart. Don’t pack too much, and don’t be too sentimental. One’s feet can begin to hurt from taking too many mementos along far faster than one’s heart would from missing them. A beloved book or two and a few pictures are great, while a photo album isn’t.

But with all that in mind, one can be assured that the time spent backpacking Australia will be a life changing experience. It’s a fantastic foundation to build a life in the future upon.