5 European Destinations Which Will Stay With You Forever

People may talk of Egypt and they may talk of Dubai but while they are remarkable in their own rights, Egypt is too full of history and its weather can be atrocious while Dubai lacks gentility and that meadow-borne romance of old times. So, it is Europe which ultimately gets the crown when it comes to romantic destinations. Here are some of the topmost destinations in the continent which will stay with you forever especially if you are on a honeymoon:


The French capital does not surprise as it makes it to the list. It had to be there, it was meant to be there. It is as if there is no replacement for this City of Lights which has fascinated generations of lovers, both young and old. With a classical ambiance refueled with new-age luxury hotels, it does tick all the corners in the box. So, most Europe honeymoon packages from India include Paris in their fixture. Eiffel Tower is a must-visit during the evening time when it bedazzles the onlookers with its jewelry of lights.


It may surprise some since it is quite an offbeat destination. However, those who give precedence to meadows and castles and old mysterious lakes cannot ask for a better place than the Scottish hills. Scotland has got all the ingredients for a charming old-style honeymoon. It has enough attractions to keep you outdoors and its quiet laidback lifestyle should suit the quiet lovers. However, if you are looking for grand shopping and a bombastic night life, then perhaps this place will disappoint you.


There has been a spurt in the number of people heading to Venice, perhaps due to the slide in prices as conformed by Europe honeymoon packages from India. In terms of natural beauty, its watery milieu strikes a chord with the heart. The ambiance is too romantic to ignore. Also, the place has received brownie points because of its art and grand architecture. Not carrying a camera to Venice even when your priority is to make love is nothing less than sacrilege.


Fueled perhaps by recent Indian films, Netherlands has gained popularity amongst Indian couples. Amsterdam, in particular, has been attracting a slew of tourists. Tough it has also earned its share of disrepute for its sparkly bright red light areas, but its biggest draw is the Anne Frank Museum which was also the highlight of the recent movie ‘The fault in our stars’. It is a good place for honeymooning because it is a marriage between cobblestoned roads, glamorous pubs and historical attractions.


It is the old favorite and no matter what transpires in other parts of the world, Switzerland shall not lose its popularity. In fact, when it comes to titanic snowy mountains and Alpine sports, there is no beating this country. One can simply stand before these mighty White Mountains, stare at the long stretch of valleys ahead and realize how miniscule we are before the nature. Also, good hotels and resorts make it a cozy place for the love birds.