How To Choose The Best Ready Mixed Screed For Your Construction Project?

For any new builder or contractor, it is very important to provide the best possible quality of work in order to ensure a good return in their projects. This can only be made possible with the use of the best quality ready mixed screed and other construction materials, and a proper regulated labour.

In order to deliver the best results in any construction project, builders rely heavily on concrete mixing plants for their supply of concrete ready mix for their projects. So, it is quite natural that choosing the proper mixing plant is very essential to ensure that your project offers the best results after completion.

Importance of Proper Concrete Mixing Plant

Since we have already mentioned the importance of choosing the perfect concrete mixing plant, let’s take a look at some of them in detail:

  • Builders need a consistent fresh supply of building materials, including ready mixed screed, at their construction site for any long term project. Using a nearby concrete mixing plant can certainly reduce transportation costs, and help out with reducing material wastage.
  • Concrete mixing plants use different types of concrete to perfect their screed mix ratio. Hence it is a valuable asset to have when a large construction project is underway so that finding different construction materials for different parts of the project is not a hassle.
  • It is a great resource to have multiple mix on site concrete trucks that can effectively reduce the cost of transporting materials from the mixing plant to the construction site. Hence, it is always advisable to choose a mixing plant that can deliver on site mixing trucks as a part of their deal.

Types of Concrete Mixing Plants

In the UK, there are primarily two different types of concrete mixing plants which produce ready mixed screed. These plants are also known as batching plants, due to their production of concrete mix in batches. They can accommodate large quantities of raw materials such as sand, gravel, rocks and water, in order to produce big batches of freshly prepared concrete.

The two different types of mixing plants found in the UK are ready mix batch plants and central mix batch plants. Let’s take a look at how these two different mixing plants differ from each other:

What is a Ready Mix Batch Plant?

If you are going for a large construction project, it is always preferable and in some cases, even better to choose a concrete ready mix batch plant. In a ready mix plant, all the ingredients required to make concrete are mixed together with the exception of water. Water is added later on to the mixture, after the mix has been transferred to the mixing trucks.

This process is beneficial in many cases. If your mixing plant provides on-site mixing trucks, then you can get freshly prepared site mix concrete for your project without any hassle. This improves the overall quality of the infrastructure, as compared to stale concrete mixes.

What is a Central Mix Batch Plant?

This type of mixing plant combines all the ingredients required to make concrete, including water, before transferring it to the mixing trucks. These plants tend to use fixed mounted modern volumetric vehicles as mixers to churn their concrete mix before transferring the batch to mixing trucks, which can sometimes, limit the quality of the concrete mix.

There is little role of the mixing trucks with these types of mixing plants. They agitate the foundation concrete mix very little to make it better, on the way to the construction site. Thus it is better to choose these plants only if they are located in close proximity to your construction site.

Which one should you choose?

Well, the answer to this question lies solely on the type and nature of your construction project. As far as ready mixed concrete prices London are concerned, it is preferable to go for ready mix plants if both options are available to you. On the other hand, if your construction site is very close to a central mix plant, then certainly go for that one.

Always remember that having a fresh batch of concrete ready mix is your primary objective while choosing a mixing plant. So you need to consider your project timeline and budget constraints before making this decision.