From Lombok to Sailing Adventure Trips in Komodo Islands

Actually, along Lombok Island Indonesia, there are still many beautiful small islands which are attracting to visit. One of them is Komodo Island that is very much famous. Therefore, there is an offer for visitor to visit the island by Sailing Adventure Trips in komodo islands. This adventurous trip will bring you so much excitement. You can enjoy the moment with your friends and family if you already have a plan to book a vacation. As the recommended suggestion, taking your trip from Lombok to Flores in Komodo Island will be a new experience. You will never regret the decision since this trip will be worthy to do. Besides sailing using the cruise, you can do many things. It does not mean that you have to stay in cruise for long time without doing anything. There must be so many joys you can do in the cruise, since the cruise is already designed as well as possible for all visitors.

From Lombok Island, you can reserve your own ship to help you doing adventurous trip to Komodo Island. You even can customize the decoration that is supposed to spend more cost. But, do not worry. The money you spend will be not much valuable than your experience you get later. Therefore, there is an example of ship details that you can use for sailing. It is usually rented for private use especially for a family.

  1. The first detail of this Sailing Adventure Trips in komodo islands with Cruise is about the size. It is about 20 meters in length, and 1.75 in height. The width of the ship will be 5 meters. The size of the ship will be very much matched your needs, especially if you go with several people.
  2. This ship will afford 8 persons to go sailing. The ship is also equipped with the mini kitchen bar. You can help yourself if you want to prepare your own food. There are also some facilities such as AC, refrigerator, and the lazy chair. There is also a sharing bathroom that is private.

From the points above, you might see how comfortable it is to sail with private ship. It might be the best choice especially to spend time with the loved ones. You can even plan your vacation anytime you want. It is perfect for a great vacation while you are in holiday. Do not forget to prepare all the things well. It might support you to have more adventurous trip with complete equipments. When you sail, you will also see the nice view of the island landscape. The sand beach is white and the water is clear blue. Those things are very much precious to see. Snorkeling and Sailing Adventure Trips in komodo islands will also be good choices. You can do both as you will get new experiences too. So, spending your vacation from Lombok to Komodo Island will be very much right. You can do more than one thing to fill your great vacation.