Exploring The Charms Of Italy – A Complete Guide On What Not To Miss

Italy is a country of powerful kingdoms and a vast roman empire which has given the world some of the best artists and architectural wonders. One must voyage en italie Uniktour to see one of the most beautiful countries of the world. It is said that in Italy they add work and life onto food & wine. Well, you got to visit to realize how true it actually is.

Here is a Handpicked List of Places One should not miss on his Visit to Italy.

Enjoy the capital charming city of Rome – Wander among the streets of and get transported into the Roman Era. One must visit the twisted and cobbled streets in the neighborhood of Trastevere where he can find the thriving rich old tradition. One can eat the local cuisines and purchase some of the traditional crafts here. Other major sites to visit are the Colosseum and the Pantheon.


Enjoy a romantic ride in Gondola in Venice – Enjoy the perfect evening ride in the Gondola in Venice. If it is too expensive for your taste, you can enjoy and relive the same soothing and romantic experience in the Venice 1 vaporetto. It is best enjoyed with the sweet and healthy gelato and one’s loved one to cuddle and love and viewing the beautiful moon on the Venice horizon. After enjoying this trip, get lost in the alleys and streets of this charming Canal City.

Gondola in Venice

Vatican Museum Tour – If one loves history and has a flair to admire and appreciate beauty, a full guided tour of the Vatican museum is a must go.

Vatican Museum Tour

The Renaissance overdose in Florence – Birthplace of the most important scientific and Cultural Revolution in the history of the civilization, Florence is a delightful place to visit. The Uffizi Gallery is like an artist’s heaven filled with the masterpieces of the Renaissance art.

Milan The fashion city – Famous for its high class and creative designers, Milan is not just about fashion. It also has one of the masterpieces of the renowned Leonardo Da Vinci, “The Last Supper”.

Sicily the city of Greek history – This city is a perfect blend of the Roman and Greek culture where one can witness the architectural marvels of both the empires. One of the famous places is Sicily, which is the Valley of Temples.

Sicily the city of Greek history

Eat the genuine and original pizza and Gelato – Naples is the city where pizza originated and they still serve the best quality pizza in the whole world. Gelato is a healthy and sweet version of the ice-cream which is made from fresh milk and is considered very beneficial for health.

Drive along the beautiful coast of Amalfi – One of the most beautiful coastlines of the world, The Amalfi Coast road, is mesmerizing in its beauty. The snake like road stretches along the coast and gives a spectacular view of the blue ocean and the sun kissed coast.

This covers a comprehensive list of those places that scream of etching that memory in your steak of visiting places.