Equipments and Tools We Need for Song Recording

When we are planning to record songs, it is important to obtain the right materials. With good technique, it isn’t necessary to burn a hole into our wallet. Before recording, we should know about materials that we need to get. This will allow us to obtain proper recording quality. The first thing that we need is a recording interface and it is a hub for connecting inputs and outputs of our recording. It allows us to plug in instruments and mics. We are able to adjust input levels and how it should be picked up by DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). In this case, we should be able to find the 2-channel interface from the local music retailers.

Another thing that we should have is patch cord and it is essential if we want to manage instruments and interface. Without proper pre-amplification, we could lose the resonance of our instrument and the overall tonal quality. With VST or Virtual Studio Technology, we should be able to compensate some of the qualities. In general, patch cords are essentially audio plugins. DAW is an important element during song recording and it is the basic software that we need to use. The software offers good integration between our recording interface and inputs. There are multiple DAW software and some of them are free. Audacity is a bare-bone DAW for beginners. It isn’t recommended to use Audacity for commercial purposes due to its limited recording features. As an example, Cockos’ Reaper offers features needed to master, mix and record songs; it costs about $60.

Microphones are essential in any song recording project and it allows us to pick up acoustic sounds. There are different models of microphones and not all of them are appropriate for recording. When choosing the right microphones, we should make sure that they have the right features. As an example, dynamic microphones are known for their durability and they can handle a relatively wide frequency response. Dynamic microphones are suitable for percussion and instrument amplification. Condenser microphones are better for higher frequency range such as acoustic guitars and vocals. Some dedicated microphones need external power source, which can be provided by the interface. Shure produces good dynamic microphones and proper models could cost about $100. Audio Technica series are known as reliable condenser microphones and they are also available for about $100.

When recording songs, we should decide whether we want to go digital or not. Many digital equipments are able to efficiently save our recording time. We could get an idea of our song and with good DAW, we should be able to manipulate outputs. As an example, recorded songs can be converted to MIDI as basic form of instrument plays. MIDI files may sound quite simplistic, but they could provide us with clear outlines on how instruments should be played. There are advantages and disadvantages of using specific technique, so we should make sure that we are choosing the proper methods for our recording project.