Cycling Holidays In Europe

Cycling Holidays In Europe

If you’re a keen cyclist why not take a cycling holiday in Europe? There are online companies that can arrange bike vacations abroad or in the UK. Individuals, couples and families are all catered for whether looking for a guided or independent cycle tour. Experience the culture, take in the scenery and enjoy the local food in Europe or the UK on a fabulous bike holiday.

Where to go

Biking tour companies advertise their services via the net, so check out where you can go. Depending on your taste and level of fitness, you can enjoy cycle holidays anywhere in the world. Staying in comfortable accommodation you can unwind and relax after a day in the saddle, either on a custom or bespoke trip. Choose destinations like:-

  • The UK
  • Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Holland
  • Poland, Romania
  • Croatia, Greece, Italy

Wherever you decide to take your holiday, you definitely won’t be disappointed on a cycling holiday.

Don’t Worry About your Fitness Level

There are different levels of road cycling available to suit everyone’s fitness. Whether you are superfit or just enjoy a leisurely ride, there’s a cycle tour that will be perfect for you.

–       Level 1 – a tour on nearly flat roads with a daily distance of between 18 and 30 miles.

–       Level 2 – slightly flat roads leading into hilly areas, there may be some climbing.

–       Level 3 – suitable for more experienced cyclists with strenuous trips, uphill climbs and distances of 18-45 miles a day.

–       Level 4 – between 18 and 50 miles per day with mountainous roads to conquer and long climbs.

–       Level 4+ – for serious bikers who train every day and have years of experience on the road.

Useful Information to Read

There’s lots of useful information to read on websites that provide cycling tours. Route instructions and maps are supplied if you prefer a self-guided bicycle holiday. This gives you plenty of freedom where you decide when to stop, when to eat and places you would like to see en route. Ride at your own pace, enjoy the fresh air and look forward to staying in fabulous accommodation at the end of the day.

If you choose to have a guided cycling holiday, there’s usually an itinerary to follow which your guide will discuss with you. You’ll find the following are all pre-arranged:-

  1. Departure times
  2. Itinerary for the day
  3. Times to reach your accommodation

How about taking a bike and barge holiday? Staying on board a boat, you will find everything you need to enjoy a holiday with a difference. Explore the area by bike during the day then relax, eat and sleep on your floating hotel at night.

A Serious Cyclist Challenge

Why not put your energy to the challenge and book a guided or self-guided cycling vacation on a sporting bike tour? You can hire racing bikes or take your own but do make sure your racer is well maintained before travelling.