Why We Should Avoid Negative Elements in Entertainment?

On average, people are watching TV up to 5 hours each day. It is clear that too much TV can be mind numbing. It won’t do much good for body and mind. Even if we watch education TV programs a lot, we may no longer move physically as much. We could also sacrifice essential activities, such as studying, exercising and sleep. But unfortunately, people are much more likely to see TV programs filled with obnoxious content. In fact, we could gain much more by studying than watching films and TV shows endlessly. We could even be shocked to know that more and more books also depict more realistic violence and sexual content.

The censorship agencies around the world are being pressured to leave entertainment content intact, more or less. With censorship and other kinds of media enforcement are off the table, there’s less barrier for people who simply have bad taste. Psychologists have documented plenty of negative impacts of poor entertainment content. In general, violence could cause aggressive behaviours. We shouldn’t just indulge ourselves, it is important to be careful with what we feed our body and mind. In general, sadistic material could be seen as a tool to please our dark pleasure. It also means that we want to appease the darker side of our mind and this could invoke negative emotions.

In general, we should look for uplifting content that could bring the best out of us. In this case, we should feel happy, instead of hostile and angry. We would be able to encourage multiple positive humanistic values, such as compassion, love and peace. Even if we watch “sad” content, it should invoke the feeling of empathy and compassion. It is clear that if we watch depressing music continuously, we will also feel depressed. That’s the reason why we should for something that can make us feel happier, instead of sadder or angrier. Again, we should be mindful of things we feed our mind with.

It is quite worrying to know that modern people are already somewhat de-sensitized with what they see and they are less impressed with what they see on TV. Sexual content and violence are considered as something normal. In this case, parents should try to limit exposure of violent content on their children, although such an act could be considered as futile. However, it is important for them to give their children the best available form of entertainment. In fact, just seeing what’s shown in the TV on primetime shows is enough to repel parents in disgust. Parents should contribute to avoid such a nightmare by allowing their children to get what’s best.

By seeing positive content, we should be able to see improvements in our mental health. There should be an end to the lust for violence and by creating demand for more positive content; we will be able to make the entertainment industry a better place. Again, we should try to re-examine our values and re-educate ourselves. It is important to carefully think about the entertainment that we should indulge.