Places To See In Leh-Laddakh

Most of us love visiting hill stations and India is well-known for Leh-Laddakh. This amazing hill station is not just for those who love bike rides and want to spend some time alone with the mountains, but it is also for those who love adventure. Visit some of the most incredible places in and around Leh-Laddakh. Check out our list…

  1. Pangong Tso: – This mesmerizing spot will is jaw dropping! Located 4350 meters above the water level, this land extends to Tibet. It is a little far away from Leh but it is worth the ride. Though you require a special permit to see this place since it is 60% in Tibet yet that is not an issue here. Most of the Indians who visit this place can take the company of a tour guide to assist them and show them the stunning place. If you visit Leh, then you cannot miss this place.Places To See In Leh-Laddakh
  2. Shanti Stupa: – This Buddhist stupa was contrasted by a Japanese Monk. This stunning place is made for those who worship Lord Buddha. Also, the panoramic views and surroundings will leave you astonished. This is one of the major attractions in Leh and is at a high altitude.Places To See In Leh-Laddakh
  3. Leh Palace: – Constructed in the year 1553 AD, this gorgeous 19-storey Humungous Palace is on a hilltop and looks ravishing. This was apparently one of the tallest buildings in the entire world. You can see the rich heritage of India and also learn about the history of this palace.Places To See In Leh-Laddakh
  4. Hemis Monastery: – Just about 45 Km from the main town in Leh, this Monastery is worth the visit. This is the biggest and wealthiest monastery in Laddakh. The Hemis is also famous for being the home to the show leopard.Places To See In Leh-Laddakh
  5. Hall of Fame Museum: – This beautiful Museum is taken care of by the Indian Army and has many stories about Laddakh. You can learn about the culture, unknown facts, history and many other things about Leh and Laddakh. The museum is well-maintained and is a good place to visit if you love history.
  6. Khardung La: – The Khardung Pass is known as one of the highest motor passes in the entire world. It is 5,600 meters above the water level and was used to carry military supplies. The stunning snow-capped mountains are what captivate anyone to this place. There are several marathons help through the pass.Places To See In Leh-Laddakh
  7. Leh Market: – After all the adventure, you can buy some souvenirs of Leh and Tibet from the well-known Leh market. You can also find some stunning handmade and custom made winter clothing.

There are tons of other amazing places you will see in Leh apart from these. Also, do not forget to book your train tickets in advance and also food in train services. The train rides go only till Jammu and you will have to go by the road to get to Leh from Jammu, which is a 16-hour (700 kms approx.) drive. You will see some of the most gorgeous sights during your train and road journey.

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