Benefits of Bluetooth Technology in Our Car

Bluetooth has become an ubiquitous wireless technology, along with WiFi and NFC. Many may think that Bluetooth will eventually be replaced by NFC; but it is continue to be used on mid-range and high-end car models. Bluetooth are based on multiple micro controllers that work on networks. Bidirectional communication is needed for the car system. Bluetooth can be used to transfer files or constant stream of data for playing audio and video content. While affordable cars still depend on cable or USB flash drive for transferring files to stereo or video systems, the Bluetooth technology is certainly more versatile. It provides us with cheap wireless solutions. Latest Bluetooth standards are now able to transfer a significant amount of data in a short amount of time. However, there are some limitations. As an example, Bluetooth requires more rigid pairing and connection. On the other hand, NFC is more versatile; but not yet available in significant quantity. For faster transfer of data, we may choose cars that already support high performance Bluetooth standards.

However, basic Bluetooth capability should be enough for occasional data transfer and audio transfer. The most common implementation is to wear a Bluetooth earphone and the paired smartphone can transfer the notifications to audio tones or messages. Voice calls can also be made or received by pressing buttons on the steering wheel. This is a much safer option than holding the phone against our ear with one hand while driving. In many countries, driving while making or receiving call with smartphone is against the law. In the current busy lifestyle, people often can’t miss a single phone call, because this could be associated with high financial stakes. The Bluetooth technology used by the car could be a worthy investment, because it will not only make our trip safer, but we could also ensure that essential calls can be established. Wireless technology could also be used to transfer information about the car to a special computer set. This is an essential thing to do during the diagnostic process.

Many complex parameters related to the engine performance and fuel system can be known. The computer will provide a recommendation on things that need to be performed to make sure that good performance can be maintained. In fact, many serious problems can be prevented by performing regular diagnostic sessions. As an example, some parts may need to be replaced and early indications can be detected quickly before real problems occur due to complete malfunction of the system.

Important files such as firmware could also be transferred to the car. The onboard navigation or entertainment system may need to be regularly updated. The Bluetooth technology can ensure painless update process and this can be performed easily by car owners. They could simply download the new software updates or firmware. These files can be transferred using Bluetooth through smartphones, tablets or laptops. The car’s computer system will validate the software to make sure that it is compatible and not corrupted. There are many benefits that we can easily get by using cars that have onboard Bluetooth system and this should be quite easy to do.