Backpack Vs Messenger Bags For Travel Purposes.

One of the main part of our travel preparations include packing for the trip/journey ahead. And in order to properly pack out stuffs, we need sturdy and efficient bags that would fit all our stuffs.

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Now, backpacks and other type of bags have been a popular choice for travelers since ages at these are rigid, sturdy and accommodate lots and lots of stuffs.

These type of travel bags are mostly popular with the travelers going for a field trip, adventurous and sports trip. Road trips, etc. rather than those going for a conventional family trips or vacations.

Now, there are two types of popular travel bags – the backpack and the messenger bags. To choose between the two is usually influenced by one’s travel type, travel purposes, travel needs and requirements.

Now, before barging on the comparison between the two, let us get ourselves acquainted with these two type of bags.

Backpacks: Backpacks in the simplest can be defined as a cloth sack used as a bag to accommodate stuffs like clothes, foods, other daily requirements needed for travel and also noticeably tent and trekking equipment. It comes in various shapes, sizes and forms and one can chose depending on the type of trip one is embarking on and what sort of stuff is required to carry.

Messenger Bags: On the other hand, messenger bags are also a type of travel bag but comparatively lighter in nature than the backpack. Messenger bags are usually made of nylon or some other type of cloth and it is basically a sack. Messenger bags are also available in various forms, shapes and one of its slightly smaller version in size is often referred to as sling bag.

One common thing in both the types are that both backpacks and messenger bags are carried with the help of straps over the shoulders and if lighter sometimes with only one strap. The straps for bags are usually made of with similar cloth material with which the bags are made of.

Now, let us get on the comparison chart of Backpack Vs Messenger bags for travel purposes.

To assess which one is best suited for your travel purposes among the backpack and messenger bags, at the first place one need to consider the mode and ease of usage. Usually backpacks are recommended on the meter of ease of use as it is held with two straps and can fit in more stuff compared to a messenger bag which is used with one strap and is a bit lighter than the backpack.

Content wise, choice between the two bags entirely depends upon one’s travel purposes. If all set for a long adventurous trip, then backpack scores a brownie point and on a short road trip or weekend gateway, then messenger bag is the ideal one. Also, one can easily access to the messenger bag during the journey to get things quickly as compared to the backpack if necessary.

Last, but not the least, again messenger bags are recommended over backpacks if one is concerned of safety issues, though backpacks works best for long trips, trekking and also in adventurous trips.

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