Australia Awaits You! Get These Facts First

Australia Awaits You! Get These Facts First

In the next few weeks, a lot of travelers from North America, Europe and other parts of the world would start troping to Australia for a little adventure and to enjoy their holidays. I believe you’re reading this right now because you may be one of the lucky travelers that’ll be heading to Australia in some weeks time, hence, the reason why some travel tips have been given out to prepare you for what’s ahead!

Australia is extremely diverse and huge

You may not be able to travel around the whole of Australia if you’re only going for a month vacation, you’re going to need at least 6 months because the city is huge! You shouldn’t expect less from a country ranked the 6th largest in the world, occupying a land mass of 7692024 With that, Australia beats all the European Union countries if combined together. A flight to Perth (the West Coast) from Brisbane (the East Coast) will take nothing less than 5 hours, you may want to think it through one more time if you were considering to go by road. A good number out of the Australian population resides along the coast, so if you’re going to be taking a road trip towards the East Coast, you’ll experience a tiring and boring journey for days with no towns or sites to check out throughout your journey.

Same goes for Brisbane, you can’t decide to take a road trip from Cairns and assume it’ll be over in 2 days, the same thing with traveling to Sydney from Brisbane.

Driving to Melbourne to Sydney may take about 9 hours or more

Flying may be your best option if you’re looking to explore Australia and enjoy all that’s within it. You’re going to enjoy the country more and spend less on flights if you spend more time in fewer places, at least you can have a month or two to catch all the fun.

Australia is quite expensive

For your feeding, activities, and accommodation, make arrangements for at least $150 to be spent per day, excluding accommodation. While that may be a little above what you’ve planned, you might want to consider the options below.

Take flights with budget airlines like Jetstar and Tiger Airways, instead of airlines that offer full services like Virgin and Qantas. Unlike what it’s like in the US, one-way flights aren’t more expensive than return flights in Australia, so you shouldn’t worry about booking a leg at a time.

Ship your parcels with cheap courier companies

In the case where you want parcels delivered within or outside the country, you should go for a courier company like ParcelABC. Shipping with ParcelABC does not only help you conserve the cash at hand but also gives you quality assurance on your parcel.

Rent a relocation campervan that saves you a whole lot of money for transportation within town and accommodation for only less than $2 per day plus gas.

Prepare your own food

Australia isn’t like India or Vietnam where they have cheap and incredible local foods. You’ll see a lot of Australians around and how they prepare their own meal without a kitchen. Don’t forget you’re only in Australia for a few months, you can save some cash too!