A Guide To Styling Gender-Neutral Nurseries and Bedrooms

A Guide To Styling Gender-Neutral Nurseries and Bedrooms

No matter whether you are expecting a newborn and keeping the gender a secret, decorating a shared bedroom or just wanting a stylish yet safe place for your child to grow, this guide will help you create a beautiful bedroom for your child. In today’s society, there are many reasons why you would want a gender-neutral bedroom but mostly because it saves you redecorating if you end up having the opposite sex to what you have already decorated. 

What Is a Gender Neutral Room?

A gender-neutral room is a room that has been decorated to a point where either a boy or a girl can live in and feel comfortable. If you are expecting a little one and are wanting to keep the gender a surprise, having a gender-neutral bedroom is the perfect way of keeping it a surprise whilst also being able to prepare for the birth. It is also great if you are having twins that are opposite sex or even to have both siblings live in there until they get older. Using neutral colours will ensure that the room is suited for everyone.

What Are Gender Neutral Colours?

Gender-neutral colours are any colours that aren’t solely made for boys or girls. Naturally, there are no colours associated with any gender, it’s just us humans who have made that happen. For example pink for girls and green for boys. These aren’t gender-specific but it is definitely a good idea to stay away from these stereotypes. There are countless colours and shades out there so this is the fun part and deciding on the colour schemes. Here are just a few gender-neutral colour schemes for inspiration.

How To Style Gender Neutral

Finding a colour scheme that is gender-neutral and to your taste is just the beginning, but it is the best part! Looking for different colours, textures and patterns are some of the most exciting things to do when looking to decorate the room. Here are just some colour schemes that are great for gender-neutral. 

Black & White

Monochrome colours are a great way to keep things simple, gender-neutral and suitable for all ages. If you are looking for simplicity, black and white add elegance which allows strong colours or patterns to take the scene for a pop that stands out. With the added colours, you could add different colours if you ever wanted to make it into boys or girls at a later date.


It can be difficult to determine what colours you want for the room so why not use all the colours of the rainbow! Using a combination of bold colours and a light background shows a burst of energy without it being overpowering to be in. You could swap bold colours out for pastel colours which will help to build a more neutral looking bedroom.

Light Beige

Beige is a colour that is associated with old people, but people need to realise that it is a great colour for a gender-neutral bedroom, it’s all about the styling. Adding a pine wardrobe with some light colours make an effective cosy look. It also encourages your little one to sleep whilst also keeping them cool in the summer months.

Pale Grey

Pale and light colours like grey set the scene for a peaceful relaxing place to sleep. It is crisp, clean and cool so it keeps nice for a long time. It is a great colour to add bright sharp colours or light-textured additions to the room like cosy wool blankets and textured cushions. 

What Colours Make Babies Happy?

There is a theory called colour psychology, yes, I know that sounds ridiculous but it’s a real thing. For example, colours associated with blue are seen to be calming colors but also induce the feeling of sadness. Red colours are associated with warmth and comfort but also anger. With this being said, it is easy to recognise why some colours are better for a bedroom than others. It will be best to look at a range of different colours before committing to the final one. 

How To Style A Gender-Neutral Nursery

Just because colours are associated with different genders, it doesn’t mean that the furnishing isn’t also a huge part of creating a gender-neutral bedroom. Adding the right accessories and furnishing are a great way to finish the room. Toys are a great way of sprucing up a room as you can align the colours with the room. Another great way of adding detail to a room is with little custom figurines of your family, as these can be tailored perfectly for your family. Also consider animal prints, cuddly toys and woven materials. 

How Can I Get Inspiration For Decorating A Gender Neutral Bedroom? 

It can be hard getting inspiration for a gender-neutral bedroom as it is hard deciding on colour schemes etc. there are, however, some great tools and methods which can help to build a better mood board and a final bedroom mood board. Here are some methods to induce the creative part of your brain.

Pinterest is becoming increasingly more popular for a range of different things but mostly for fashion tips and bedroom inspiration. Creating a mood board on Pinterest can really help get your creative juices flowing and will be able to get some decent ideas from there. 

If you have a theme in mind, you can always start from there and then have a look on the internet for more ideas. Be careful not to make these too gender-specific. An example of that would be creating a princess theme bedroom as this isn’t gender-neutral. 

Instagram is also another fantastic app that can help to inspire you. Follow the children’s room mood board and then you will be able to start adding these to a mood board. 

Once you have decided on your themes and looks, it is time to start looking at artwork and furniture to go in the room. This is what is really going to make the bedroom pop, so make sure they go with the room and are gender-neutral. Artwork could be animals, patterns, shapes etc.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! A guide to styling gender-neutral nurseries and bedrooms. This will be such a special place for you and your family to bond, so getting it right is important! There is so much scope to make this a space that both you and your child will love and we’re sure you will create endless amounts of happy memories in this space. Guide To Styling Gender-Neutral Nurseries and Bedrooms