The 5 Most Romantic Destinations In France

When you think of places associated with love and romance, France is certainly a destination that comes to mind. From literature to the movies, perhaps no travel destination has been romanticized like the country of France.

Although love-inspiring locations exist all around this Western European country, narrowing it down to the five most romantic places in France will make it easier for you to determine where you’d like to begin your romantic journey. Read on to learn more about five destinations, located throughout France, that are sure to evoke love and romance.

Five Romantic French Destinations

  • Paris.

From Montmarte to the Champs Elysees, Paris is a romantic’s heaven on earth. Stroll the cobblestone streets once tread upon by famous artists and authors. Sip cafe or wine at a bistro along the Seine. Cruise the river at night for a breathtaking view of the city all dressed up for the evening. Walk through the tulip gardens in springtime beneath the Eiffel Tower, then ride the elevator to the top for a bird’s eye view that will make you fall in love with Paris. The City of Lights is a place that invites romance.

  • Eze.

Enjoy this tucked away Medieval village that’s perched high atop a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean. Stroll the narrow paths by day and steal a kiss in a tranquil courtyard at night. Walk to the village’s highest point to spend time at a 12th century castle, while enjoying the panaramic view surrounding you. Stop at a local cafe on your way back down to enjoy scenic views of the valley as you sip a glass of wine or a steaming cup of cafe au lais.

  • Loire Valley. 

Fine dining, delicious wine and luxurious chateaux are what you’ll find in the romantic Loire Valley. Revisit the romance of knights and ladies by staying in a castle that’s been converted into a hotel. Loire Valley is known as the Garden of France, and you can enjoy vineyards, orchards and more along the river.

  • Roussillon.

The hilltop village of Roussillon, located in Provence, offers old world charm along with luxurious spas and breathtaking views of the ocher Colorado Provençal de Rustrel canyons. Wine-lovers will enjoy sipping the varieties produced in the region, and feel inspired by the natural beauty around and below them.

  • Grasse. 

If a culinary experience, fragrant perfumes and the charm of shabby-chic makes you think of romance, Grasse in the French Riviera is the ideal place to get lost in one another. Feel awestruck by the beauty of the Notre Dame du Puy cathedral. Romance your loved one while staying at a luxurious villa.

An Experience You’ll Never Forget

A vacation in one of these five romantic destinations in France is certain to be something you and your love won’t soon forget. Surrounded by the sights, sounds, smells and fragrances of these locations, you can’t help but feel inspired to love and be loved. Visit one of these locations and find out why so many choose France as their go-to romantic destination. You may find yourself feeling inspired enough to visit all five.


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