8 Green Countertops Materials We Could Use During Kitchen Renovation Project

Many different companies are working to provide environmentally safe countertops materials for our kitchen. Some of these materials could really worth our time, especially if we are seriously looking for methods to create kitchens using green, sustainable materials.

1. Cosentino Eco

Cosentino Eco is consisted of recycled industrial and consumer materials, as well as some natural elements. It is essentially an engineered slab of stone and available in many different colors. The manufacturer claims that Cosentino Eco could resist scratches, stains and scorches. Recycled materials used for this product include porcelain, stone scraps, furnace residuals, bottled glass and some bonding agent.

2. Vertazzo

Vertazzo is made from cast concrete and recycled glass. It can be as tough and durable as real granite, but without the porosity of marble. Vertazzo can be visually pleasing to see with its polished glass looks. It gives off no fumes or odors and available in different finishes. It is generally an aggregate of stone, glass and some binding agents. The high amount of recycled glass is a tremendous benefit to our environment, because much of the waste can be diverted from landfills.

3. Shetkastone

Shetlastone is produced from post and pre consumer waste paper, paint and cloth fibers. These by-products are recycled back to the manufacturing stone. Shetkastone feels and looks like natural stone and it is available in different color options. It can be recycled again to create new shetkastone. Despite its stone-like appearance, shetkastone can be screwed and cut like wood.

8 Green Countertops Materials We Could Use During Kitchen Renovation Project

4. Bamboo

Bamboo is a durable natural material and it is highly renewable. Bamboo grows quickly and can be harvested in a relatively short period of time. Unfortunately, bamboo may need to be transported from Asia before it reaches the Western market. Bamboo countertop is usually bound using water-based resin formula and it is preferable if not used in very wet areas.

5. Alkemi

Alkemi is a highly innovative material for countertops and typically consisted of two materials, polymetric resin and curled shavings of aluminium. The resin is generally similar to polyester and can be joined or molded as needed. In general, Alkemi is highly durable. Alkemi should reflect light well with its beautiful surface and it is generally a good alternative to granite.

6. Trinity Glass

It s made from low-carbon cement and recycled glass. There are many color options available and it should look like very polished stone.

7. Lithistone

it is made from natural stone and sand, as well as organic material pigments, recycled materials and some natural mineral binder. It can be manufactured to meet any textural, shape, color and size specifications. Lithistone is environmentally friendly from the way it is created.

8. Richlite

Richlite is a paper-based countertop material and manufactured to be long-lasting and durable. During the manufacturing process, the paper-fiber composites are soaked in a type of phenolic resin. Countertops made from this material are as durable as stone, but lighter. In addition, it doesn’t release any harmful gas into the air.