7 Ways to Become Better Basketball Player

It doesn’t matter, whether you’re the best player on the team or at the end of the bench, there is you will always have a room for improvement. Even elite players such as LeBron James work tirelessly to improve his game. Indeed. It takes time and dedication to become a great basketball player. Follow our tips here and your court skills will improve.

Be Fearless

Don’t fear failure. Never fear failure. When you’re afraid to fail, you’re more likely afraid to try. Do you avoid lifting weights because you’re physically weak? Are you afraid of stepping up to the foul line during practice because you’re a bad shooter? You’re probably afraid to fail and expose your weaknesses. No matter what others think, dedicate time to improving yourself. Failure is temporary. Use it as a learning experience. Doing so, you’ll improve as a player.

Stop complaining

Yes. Stop complaining. Don’t blame your coaches for your lack of playing time. Don’t blame your coaches for comparing your work ethic to that of other players as well. Stop complaining. Eliminate your excuses. Try to look at any situation from a different perspective. Eliminate negative thoughts and emotions. Accept that there are events that you can’t control.

7 Ways to Become Better Basketball Player

Know your role

You play basketball. What does that mean? That means you’re playing a team sport. Not everyone can be the best shooter, leading scorer or top performer all the time. And, it’s not about you. It’s about your team. Have you ever considered your team role? If you don’t yet, discuss it with your coach. Knowing the role that you have will help you focus your time on skills your team needs.

Study the Game

Knowledge is available to those who are willing to seek it. Use videos to learn about your position, on-court decisions and game strategy. You’ll increase your coach’s trust in your game significantly. Thus, resulting in more playing time. Many players have a high skill level. Yet, they have a low basketball IQ. Dedicate yourself to understand your game. Be an all-around performer.

Give your maximum effort

You need to give your 100% effort. At all time. Whether it is training, playing or practicing. Never let excuses or complaints get in the way of your effort. Always be willing to receive criticism from those with more experience. After receiving criticism, continue to give your 100%. Improving means learning mistakes and always doing your best.

Train your Body

So, you love playing and refining your skills. What about your physical abilities? Do you also work on it? You should. You need to. Spend time enhancing your speed, agility, mobility, strength, and power. If you improve your athleticism, you’ll have better on-court performance.

Improve your Skills

If you’ve followed all of the above suggestions, then it’s time to design a program to improve your skills. Knowing your strengths, weaknesses and role will help you concentrate on the skills your team needs the most. And now that you’re equipped with the tools of success, create a plan and put it into practice.