Singapore Considered To Be Amongst The Top 5 Greatest Destinations Around The World For Expats

Singapore Considered To Be Amongst The Top 5 Greatest Destinations Around The World For Expats

According to new reports out of the HSBC and their 10th annual Expat Explorer survey, Singapore is the very best place in the world to live as an expat.

Dominating the top spot and coming ahead of Norway, New Zealand, Germany, and the Netherlands (rounding out the top five), this survey was conducted by interviewing more than 30,000 expats over the age of 18 between March and April 2017 across more than 159 countries and territories.

27 different questions were asked across a broad range of questions, with topics ranging from personal finance, the work and life balance, the cost and opportunity for raising children, and a whole host of other factors that broke down into three different major groups – Economics, Experience, and Family.

And while there were some nation that did better than Singapore in specific individual categories, none of them had a better mix of these three major groups than Singapore. Switzerland offered more money, Norway offer a bit more security, and the quality of life was almost impossible to top in New Zealand – but when it came to combining all three major factors, Singapore turned out to be the place to come!

Employment opportunities are amazing in Singapore

Not only are there are plenty of jobs to be had in Singapore right now (something that cannot be said about a lot of other countries around the world, some of which are still trying to recover from the economic meltdown of the early 2000’s), but the overwhelming majority of jobs available in Singapore pay a fantastic wage or salary.

Nearly 60% of expats living in Singapore already make at least $100,000 or more, with 20% making at least $180,000 or more and 5% more making at least $200,000 or more. A lot of people in Singapore coming from other nations also have the opportunity to take advantage of government programs and investment opportunities to build their own business based out of this city state, and many have taken the opportunity to leverage the educational and infrastructure opportunities here to do exactly that.

Safety is always important in Singapore

The cultural Singapore, as well as a world-class police force, helps to contribute to a tremendous level of security and safety in Singapore that is rather challenging to find around the rest of the world.

While not ranking quite as safe or as secure as Norway (one of the safest places on the planet), Singapore was a very close second and offer the kind of security and stability that expats are looking for when they call somewhere else they are home.

The Quality of life is great in Singapore

Because of its relatively central location in Southeast Asia, as well as an incredible combination of natural beauty, oceanside entertainment, and modern infrastructure and amenities, Singapore is able to offer pretty much anyone the opportunity to enjoy anything that they may find exciting or interesting.

The entertainment and nightlife in Singapore is top-notch, their culinary culture is growing exponentially, and because it’s easy to jump on a flight (or take a train) to a number of hotspots throughout Southeast Asia – as well as China and Australia being so close, not to mention India – the quality of life in Singapore is exceptional.

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