4 Ways You Win When You Holiday In Winter

After the fun and frolics of the festive season, many people find it hard to settle down again into a new year. The sun seems to be hibernating, the weather is icy and the mornings are dark and foreboding. Who wouldn’t look forward to a holiday in the sun at this time of year?

If you are seeking the ultimate winter-pick-me-up, why not consider a sunshine winter holiday? If you need persuasion, here are some good reasons why a winter vacation should get your vote…

Physical Benefits

The evidence supporting health benefits of winter sun is compelling. We all need Vitamin D to keep our bones in good condition but it is something that we get from the sun – something that is hard to find in a typical UK winter. Vitamin D is produced when our skin is exposed to sunshine, but the power of weak UK rays are rarely strong enough, leaving many of us deficient in this most important of vitamins.

Sunshine is also known to lower blood pressure and there is evidence that it improves sleep and can help in the fight against obesity and Type 2 diabetes. Remember that regular and prolonged exposure to UV rays can be damaging to the skin and heighten the risk of skin cancer, so be moderate in your behaviour and wear appropriate sunscreens.

Mental Boost

Not only does a break in the sunshine over winter help us out physically, it boosts our mental health, too. A rest from the stresses and strains of everyday work and home life can be just what the head-doctor ordered come mid-winter. Studies suggest regular breaks and holidays scheduled throughout the year are a bonus for employees and employers, because rates of absenteeism fall and productivity is raised. Natural biorhythms can be adversely effected by short, dark winter days and hormones can be negatively impacted too, lowering our moods and sometimes leading to depression. The psychological benefit of having a winter sunshine holiday marked in your diary gives you something to focus on in the future – something to look forward to, which will improve your mood enormously.

Tracking Down the Sun

The following destinations can all be reached from major international airports such as Heathrow. Why not start your relaxing winter holiday in the perfect way by booking advance transport to the airport? If you are in Kent or the south east of England taxis from Broadstairs to Heathrow Airport are a good idea to make your trip go smoothly. Avoid waiting around for buses early in the morning or late at night, carrying heavy luggage and excessive parking fees, by riding with taxis from Broadstairs to Heathrow Airport. When you arrive at your winter vacation hotspot, you want to feel calm and relaxed in order to enjoy the full benefit of a sunshine break.

The choices of winter destinations are mouthwatering in their variety. The exotic contrasts to a dark, damp UK winter couldn’t be more marked. The world map really opens up to you – consider exciting destinations such as Barbados and St Kitts in the Caribbean, for example. All the sun, sand, clear seas and laid back Caribbean warmth you could wish for lies waiting to be enjoyed.

If you fancy more action and city sophistication, you could try Miami in the USA, a city with great beaches, shopping and nightlife and the most amazing architecture. Another place delivering winter sun and modern glamour is Dubai, a popular destination for lovers of smart holidays at a high temperature. Cape Town in South Africa is another glorious destination offering beaches, a sophisticated urban centre and nearby hinterlands with zebra and other safari wild-life treats.

Perhaps you’d like somewhere a little closer to home? Grab yourself sunshine in Marrakesh (Morocco), Tenerife in The Canaries and Cyprus – all places that turn the seasons upside down and welcome high-octane solar power during the winter doldrums.

Off Season Calm

If you are a lover of peace and solitude, another added benefit of winter holidays is that they are generally quieter. The popular holiday seasons tend to be fixed around school holidays and the summer months, so if you are seeking serenity, winter is the best time to find it.

So there you have four winning reasons why a winter holiday should become a regular feature in your annual schedule. The pros really do outweigh the cons so get yourself online and start chasing down those warming winter bargains.