10 Content Paraphrasing Myths That Can Mutilate Your Brand

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We are in an age where we understand the importance of content marketing. There were only a few businesses doing it some years ago. As time passed, it now is the norm to be used as a marketing strategy. Coming up with new content is always a challenge, but this is where paraphrasing helps. You can use older content and put a spin on it. It is important to know that plagiarism is detrimental to any brand. You want to avoid this at all cost.

There is a lot of paraphrasing services offered online. You need to look for the one that suits your business the best. A paraphrase service uk is different from ones used in the US. Content is a way to give back to your audience. You should not try to direct sell through your content. See this as building a relationship with your readers. When it comes to paraphrasing, there have been a few myths popping up. We will have a look some of these myths and see why they are stopping companies from paraphrasing.

  1. Copying

A lot of people are saying that paraphrasing is just a fancy word for copying someone else’s work. It is understandable why some might see this as a fact. Paraphrasing is much more detailed than that. A lot of work goes into rewriting. The facts of the original text are good enough to repeat in your own way.

  1. Just cite

When you are using content from another source, you are required to cite the source. It can be done, but can you imagine an article with a lot of citing? It does not look good and might harm your brand more. If you include a few of these, it should not be a problem. Paraphrasing looks neater and you have put some work in towards the content.

  1. Not qualified

In order for you to rewrite a piece of content, you need to have a clear understanding of the topic. The myth is that you are not qualified to write about the topic and thus you are paraphrasing. It could not be further from the truth.

  1. Change order

It is said that in order for you to effectively paraphrase, you need to change a lot in the sentences. All you really need to do is make sure you are using your own words. Everything else is unnecessary. A lot of people use paraphrasing software because they are scared of doing it themselves. It does not have to be complicated.

  1. Context is changed

In paraphrasing, you cannot change any of the contexts when it comes to the original text. This is by far the most important rule. The myth is that you can do whatever you want with the rewritten text. This is not what paraphrasing is. You are going to have to keep the context exact to what was originally presented.

  1. Own opinion

If you want to give your own opinion on a topic, this is no longer paraphrasing. You can simply write an article in your own words. Do not use your own opinion on the topic if you are trying to paraphrase. It is difficult to not give your own opinion on a topic you don’t agree with.

  1. Free from plagiarism

In order to fully understand paraphrasing, you need to read up on plagiarism facts. Just because you are paraphrasing, does not mean that you are free from plagiarism. There is a lot of content out there. You still need to check and make sure you work is free from any plagiarism before posting.

  1. Quoting

You can use quotes, but this is not paraphrasing. A lot of writers go the route of quoting certain parts of an article. You cannot quote the entire writing pieces. This is where you would then give reference to the original writer. Paraphrasing is about rewriting content in your own words. It’s not the same as quoting.

  1. Summarize

Paraphrasing is also not a summary of an entire piece of writing. You need to cover all of the points in the original article. There are some instances when you just take a few sentences out of the content. You need to use the entire context of the sentence. A lot of writers want to create a summary of content and that is perfectly acceptable. This just isn’t paraphrasing.

  1. I can’t

Do not believe that you are unable to paraphrase. There are many courses online you can take without paying anything. Empower yourself by learning the skill yourself. Some writers just believe it is a job for professionals. Although these experts can be a great help, you can train yourself to master it. It might take a bit of time, but it is always good to start.