What You Should Look Out For In A Great Hotel or Resort

hotel or resort

If you’re careful enough to choose the right accommodation, you will help to guarantee on making that long awaited for holiday turns into a dream and not a nightmare! Hotels around Australia and worldwide,usually offer the best amenities and services to their visitors, to make sure that all guests have a memorable experience and maybe even return some time in the future. So, here are a few important points to consider when choosing where to stay for your holidays.

  • Research is of the essence! Check reviews from guests and see what they have to say. Read some online reviews before you book, as it is always nice to see on a hotel/resort’s website the wonderful photos and all of its facilities, but what you really need are reviews from previous visitors. There’s nothing more telling than testimony from guests who have already spent time there?
  • Neighborhood – Another thing of importance that you should think about, is the location of the hotel. Things like: Is the hotel located outside of a city? Is it close to attractions, shopping areas and tourist spots? Is there public transport?Is there a beach available nearby? How far is it from the airport? Is the area safe to wander around at night? A great location such as Governor’s Lodge on Norfolk Island, is one of the most important things about staying at perfect accommodation anywhere.
  • Prices –Costs for accommodation can certainly vary from place to place. This normally depends upon the accommodation’s location, as in where it is situated. Is it scenic? Is it near or far from tourist areas, and what about the different range of services offered? A good price with excellent service can make a load of difference during one’s stay, and a memorable one at that.
  • Room quality– Yes, everybody and their dog wants that room to be in great condition, so make sure that your room is clean, efficient and not in disrepair, and then decide if it has the conditions that you expected for your stay.
  • Hotel amenities – What wonderful place doesn’t have excellent amenities? This just goes without saying! After getting a superb room, check out the breakfasts, the room service, restaurant, swimming pool, tours, fitness center, the size of the bathroom, and the radio and TV channels available. Other important amenities nowadays include Wi-Fi, an in-room mini bar and tools for making that lovely cup of tea or coffee whenever you so desire. Other smaller things such as bottles of shampoo and lotion, restaurant and food delivery from the kitchen, and a laundry service can all help to make that holiday into one that you’ll never forget.

Now, if that doesn’t help, nothing will!If the hotel/resort you’re thinking of can provide all of the above and maybe more, then you know that you’re onto a winner!

So, good luck, happy hunting and hope the above helps all of you would be happy travellers out there! Have a good one