Venice Top Tourist Attractions

Venice Top Tourist Attractions

It is said by many that no other city can be compared to Venice, and rightly so. What other city is a series of labyrinthine canals with elaborate bridges crossing them? The cobble stone paved streets and the lively squares, where else can you find them?  The city of Venice can be explored on foot, or on Venetian Real Kayak or by the vaporetto, which is the boat network, and the chief way of transport in Venice. The best way to see the Venice attractions is from the canals, the level of viewing it allows you is fantastic, and is a rare opportunity. Venice sightseeing tours set out from various points.

The Main Venice tourist attractions

The Grand Canal

There are close to hundred and fifty canals here and around four hundred and nine bridges across these. The major traffic thoroughfare at the waters is at the Grand Canal, which is filled with gondolas packed with tourists and the swift evaporators or water buses. The Grand Canal is a worthy spot to start your Venice sightseeing tour. There are a lot of Venice attractions to be seen along the Grand Canal. There are close to a hundred and seventy palazzos that are historically significant lining the length of the canal. There are also myriad glimpses that are possible to take of the day to day workings in Venice city. The Grand Canal can also be walked over, along the four bridges across it, the Rialto Bridge. Ponte della Constrituzione, the Ponte dell’Accademia and the Ponte Degli Scalzi. There are a good number of Venice tourist attractions.

The gondolas

Riding in a gondola is among the top most Venice attractions. A gondola is a marvel of engineering and boat building. The work that goes into one is astounding, and the making exceedingly complex. There are eight different types of wood used in one gondola and two hundred and eighty pieces of wood is used. Also the weight of the side that the gondolier sits on, has to be matched with the other, thus one side is longer than the other to off set the weight of the gondolier. You have to have a gondola ride to make your Venice sightseeing tour complete.

Doge Palace

The Doge Palace is amog the most famous buildings in the city, and is top most among the major Venice tourist attractions. There are a number of sights here. The Palace has been used for a number of purposes, such as the residence of the monarch, a courthouse as well as a prison. The Doge Palace is Gothic in design. There is a good number of travelers that come here because this is among the top most Venice tourist attractions.