Tricks and Tips To Bag Affordable First Class Tickets

Affordable First Class Tickets

Flying is no easy task. The airport hassles and long journeys confined in a plane are exhausting. Fatigue, stress, headache, leg cramps, backache and migraine are some of the drawbacks associated with air travel. Of course such occurrences are not the norm and you may or may not experience the negative aspects of travel.

How your travel experience goes more or less depends on your airline and the type of class you opt. Flying economy increases the chances of a bad travel experience whereas flying first class guarantees a smooth transition from location to another. The only thing stopping travelers from always flying in first class is the high cost.

Tricks and Tips To Bag Affordable First Class Tickets

First class tickets are quite expensive in accordance with the extravagant services. What if we told you that bagging affordable first class tickets is possible? Where there is a will, there is a way. Today we list the most effective tips that will help you buy cheap first class tickets.

1. Loyalty is Rewarding

Due to heavy competition in the air travel industry, airlines have become a lot more competitive now. They reward loyalty through frequent flyer programs. You can earn or buy miles in these programs. The airline miles accumulated can later be redeemed to bag discounts on first class tickets. Be patient when collecting miles as you need loads of them to make an impact on the price. Keep an eye out on the expiration date as well.

2. Opt for Off Season Traveling

One of the many perks of off season traveling is cheaper airfare. Airlines are exceptionally desperate during the months when their aircrafts don’t fill up like usual. They offer promotional deals and discounts to encourage travel. This is the time to bag a good promotional first class flight deal.

3. Go for an Upgrade

This does not hold true always but many times up gradation to a first class flight is cheaper than a direct purchase.

4. Last Minute Arrangements

As doubtful as it sounds, last minute purchasing or upgrades can work out greatly in your favor. Airlines want their first class as full as possible. To make it possible, they sometimes upgrade passengers at a considerably lower price right before the flight departs. It all depends on your luck and the mood of the person dealing with you at the counter.

5. Don’t Go After Brand Names

Airlines like Emirates and Qatar Airways have developed a certain reputation over the years. Therefore, they are able to get away with charging more for their goodwill. If you really want to travel on first class, flying with a lesser known airline is a great idea. Airlines that are not too popular are desperate to build a customer base and for this they are willing to offer low airfares initially.

6. Maintain an Elite Travel Card

Elite travel cards have many perks and being able to bag an affordable first class flight is one of the main ones. Maintaining such a card always benefits in the long run.