Travelling in Oregon, United States

Oregon is not really a popular tourist vacation destination in the United States. There are no very popular landmarks that can attract a large number of tourists. However, there are many interesting things that seem hidden from the rest of the world. Oregon isn’t a tourist hotspot, but if we are nearby, it is a good idea to explore the state more closely. By exploring just a little bit, we could immediately find that Oregon has some of the best natural views i the world. The land is clearly and wonderfully paved with an endless tapestry of blues and greens. There’s a perpetual send of freshness among the woods. The state is filled with plains, lakes, rivers, valleys, mountains and also ocean. We should be able to find plenty of beautiful natural attractions in the area.

Just outside Salem, we can find a wooded area known as the Enchanted Forest. It is actually a rather unique amusement park with very high roller coaster and very fast rides. Based on its name, The Enchanted Forest amusement park continues to stay true to its original roots. It is located in the middle of the forest and geared towards the family. Young children and teenagers will be happy to spend many hours in the area. Adults could also find many wonderful things to do. So we shouldn’t hesitate to try new things. There are many themes features in the park, such as The Old Lady who Lives in the Shoe, Humpty Dumpty, Mother Goose and Alice in Wonderland. For older children, they can try the water rides, bumper cards, haunted house and bobsled rides.

The Oregon Coast is the place where we can find the ocean-based experience. However, this isn’t your typical coastal area. Other than the usual beach volleyball and other beach activities, we could also find designated areas where people can gather at bonfires and enjoying clam chowder. However, although the sun can be warm during the summer, the water is definitely cold; because it flows directly from the Arctic. If we want to swim, it is a good idea to find shallower areas during the summer, because the water temperature can be quite manageable. The coastal areas of Oregon should evoke the wonder sense of sereneness and calmness for many of us. We can easily drift away mentally as we are watching the endless waves and the occasional seagulls that are looking for preys.

You may also consider going to the Mt. Hood. This area may not be as popular as the Rocky Mountain or the Alps. But, it is still a wonderful place to visit. The green and cool surrounding could really cool our mind. It has beautiful rivers, valleys and volcanic slopes. People won’t regret to visit this marvellous place. We should do this, because it could be among the best experiences we have in Oregon. We may also go to orchards or plantations for apples, grapes, apricots, pears and blueberries.